Anita Tsoy: “Shook all”

On shooting the video for Anita Tsoy “I would have…” brought me unexpectedly. Since morning there were no signs of hustle and bustle. But the message from the singer: “we Have the premiere of the video live! This is still no one there!” — forced to postpone the planned shopping of underwear in connection with the coming cold weather and scurry under barbed rain knows where, in order not to miss the historical moment of musical revolution. Especially in such a revolutionary, you know, the days…

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When they reached the place and lost in the incident, most of all, I was amazed clinical stupidity, anger and envy Uniting of colleagues from other pop stars. All in all it is very carefully and jealously watch my instagram-cables and all. And as soon as Ms. Choi guastavino announced its “revolutionary experiment”, it hail fell rebukes from enemies-celebrities: they say, shame on you, Antoshka, to deceive, but to assign his non-existent services! Like, you’re not the first with this idea — to broadcast a backing of “flow” during filming. That is, all thought that the singer will be spread in the network broadcasts during the filming of the video that the long do is no longer news. In which only the angles, the positions of the stars do not broadcast yourself live, eagerly collecting in that bloody Internet clicks, likes, dislikes, and other signs of their relevance and enduring, they hope, of interest to him.

I don’t know if Anita has managed only to me adequately to convey the essence of the venture, but everything became clear at once, so even on the road, shivering from the cold, without underwear, I several times revised the luxurious shooting Gwen Stefani at the Grammy in 2016, when for the first time in the history of live born clip Make Me Like You. It is the clip and not just a stream performing at the ceremony. Singer vigorously moved in a specially constructed scenery from room to room, changing outfits, decor, staging, a lot of cameras from different points of the shot dynamic performance, Directors were changed on the fly camera angles — and voila: live clip was born that has become one of the world’s major music sensations of the ceremony. In the environment of picky critics, however, still walks a belief that the Directors of the ceremony, all inflated, and the air launched all the same pre-prepared recording.

If so, then Anita really was a pioneer, pervoprokhodtsy and revolutionary in the homespun sense of these words, especially in the live world networking platforms such experiment was not. Music channels, which the singer offered to join her hype, unenthusiastic. The artist is an optimist, and this circumstance, though upset, but did not kill, and she declared the live broadcast on their Internet channel. The public, I must say, have stood in disturbing expectation, and sworn friends were glued to screens of gadgets in anticipation of a Grand failure my dear colleagues.

The idea, like so much Anita, was born spontaneously. Releasing in September song with the catchy title “I would have…” (the text, however, there are still good-looking: “I forgive you” — only), the actress wanted to build on the success of the songs video, because in many charts, she managed to occupy a prominent place. “Strike while the iron is hot!” — launched a pop lighter at all known to her music video. Pompous and jammed the Directors, however, cooled her head off — “you all”, place a minimum of month or two or three. Two or three months, when the song has come from the hot rotations, restless pop heroine could not wait and already in despair, full of hopelessness rang in Kiev Sergey Tkachenko, with whom he made several iconic works, including “Save me”, “007”, “Calls”… the man in return shared the idea of shooting the video in one take, which long ago gave him no rest, and he and Anita realized that once again found each other.

Of course, in order to 3 minutes in real time, one take and a “field” installation with 18 (!) cameras, give birth to live dynamic, colorful, filled with changes of scenery, staging and costumes of the movie, it took serious preparation, two days of exhausting rehearsals and several painful falls artist during dashes between the scenery changing on the go.

Live personal online channel of the singer was scheduled for 5 PM on Friday. The Studio came to a standstill. Star, actors and ballet took their original positions. Chilling alarm bell rang out the cry: “Action!”… Five minutes later it was all over. The music landscape was decorated with a new clip Anita Tsoy “I would have…”, the skeptics were confounded, artist, only that meteor plate 2,000 square meters of the pavilion, she could not believe what happened. With excitement she shook the hand when she tried to mark the success to pour the champagne glasses for the whole team. “Shaking.” said Ms. Choi.

After just a day the number of viewings of the video has exceeded half a million, and YouTube has already shocked the singer sent a personal message of recognition of a “Grand success,” gratitude “for the first time in the history of the world our platform such an experiment” and a notification that the tab is “In trend” this work during the day, rose to 33rd place! You have to grasp the scale of the world!

Anita happy, though, and rushed into the maelstrom on the principle of “the eyes fear, the hands do”, really made for success in everything I could. It is, however, always been partial to the newfangled chips, trying to fit in with current trends as they emerge, and the current success can be considered not only casual, how natural. What it is, in fact, everyone was congratulating. And the crowd froze. Anita Tsoy has thrown her hat into the ring. Who is going to raise?

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