At Moscow in the closed mode has passed farewell to Mikhail Zadornov

In Moscow in clinical hospital “MEDSI” it’s been a farewell to the satirist Mikhail Zadornov. Previously it was assumed that it will take place in Moscow, but then the family decided to hold the ceremony here and the chamber. Nevertheless, several dozen people, learning about the place of farewell with the artist, came to pass.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

According to RIA “Novosti” outside the clinic gathered about 50 people. However, before the ceremony, the representative of the family told the audience that wishes Zadornov parting with him will be held behind closed doors.

The family added that Mikhail always ironic attitude to the publicity and always guarding your life and the lives of loved ones from other people’s interference. A family spokesperson added that this is why he asked the press “not to create a fuss” around the death of the satirist.

According to TASS, among those who came to the entrance of the clinic, there were people from Moscow and from other cities.

Recall that the writer-satirist Mikhail Zadornov died at the age of 69 years on Friday after a long illness. As previously reported by MKRU, before he died, he asked to financially support the Russian library named after his father in Riga, which contained his own money, spending half a million euros for its opening and filling. In addition, Zadornov asked to be buried in the same grave with his father in Latvia that family and is going to do.

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