Intimate scandal on the fifth point: who quarreled “Pike” and the School-Studio of MKHAT

Do you believe that the ass is the symbol of democracy and the all progressive on earth? I do not, because any exercise with this word in the Russian language, as well as with others, but “W” did good to us do not promise. Well, see: “complete ass” (does not mean “fat”), “we are in the ass” or “fuck you in the ass” pose a solid film, it is appropriate to our reality. But, oddly enough, this is the “ass” provoked a scandal between the two theatrical universities — “Pike” and School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre.

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As it turned out that the usual ass for three days smashed the Internet and even serious people sagely discussed the incident? I must say — the scandal on an empty place, as now it often happens, through the social networks. And it was so: in the Shchukin theatre Institute was the international festival “Podium” (held every two years), brought together various Russian and foreign theatre school. Topic “Podium-2018” were the independent work of students, not graduation performances, as ones that students make themselves, without Directors.

Well it seemed to Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Italians from Udine. Muscovites also not struck in a dirt the person — after all, in the capital of the entire four theatre schools, not including commercial. School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, presented the course of Dmitry Brusnikina, offered the audience a rare material — the performance of the product I. Zdanevich, delivered to the 100th anniversary of Dada. For those who don’t know: it’s avant-garde in literature, art, cinema, theater. Originated in Switzerland during the First world war and was a pronounced anti-war and anti-bourgeois nature. The main goal of the Dadaists — the destruction of any aesthetics, the main slogan: “the Dadaists are nothing, nothing, nothing, of course, they reach nothing, nothing, nothing.” This theatrical performance, provoking the viewer to outrage in the response, in the sense that the face can be obtained. It is clear that the actions of the audience can be unpredictable, and the Dadaists of the last century everything was ready.

The guys from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre was originally offered the audience a game of improvisation, has been actively promised to pour water into the hall flew plastic bags with paper crowns. But after one bag landed in the head of a student teacher “Pike” Vladimir Poglazova, he went on stage: “Well, lets’re going to jam. You say that we are the children of prostitutes (this is based on the text. — M. R.), but I do not agree that my mother is a prostitute”. Students found the answer: because the experience of improvisation are few, the scene is still as it should not tread, and can be a reaction not encountered. However, the answer could be considered the output of the stage completely naked man. Not really, because the member it was inserted in a green waist band. Such a touching greenish provocation, hilarious, but not in the spirit of Dadaists: in the last century the Dadaists would have definitely boldly in the public eye tore the sock as the true revolutionaries in art.

But we’re not animals to react to a naked man, his eyes bulging: Yes there is bare (without case) travel through the capital and the Russian stage (such a fashion, but fashion is — on it and fashion). So a bucket, trash bags, dick in the waist band — not a reason today to arrange nix in the social network. However, the noise began to rise, but not as a result of the play, but only after discussion and discussed the work the students themselves. Most of them Dadaist history is not looked to, the claims were mostly of a professional nature and Asses in no way concerned. Too emotional speech Poglazova, who was indignant that he now confide the ass, and not even to the place remembered of the Director Serebrennikov, who prefer Nudes dressed, would have remained unnoticed if somebody is not scratched in your FB post. They say that the conservatives are ruining the progress did not appreciate the experiment.

Further — effect of ripples on water from the thrown stone, that is post in the social network. And now (attention!) already call the rector Mat school of the Ministry of culture: “What do you teach there?!” Why officials protested such a small question, how Nude student ass, I will not disassemble: sometimes large ships had nothing to do somehow stumble on the small boats. But look what happens: the letters folded into words in some post, moreover, little corresponding to what was actually ruining the lives of many sensible people. They justified their Troll machine for the collection of likes for ambitious natures started. And here and news feeds, and TV channels fight for ratings in the wings and ready image of the enemy. And it has been really, nobody cares. Even the fact that the letters stacked in the words of a post can turn into a big ass for a drama school. Which also now school is not in friendly relations.

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