Russia – Czech Republic online live match of the hockey Eurotour

Pre-Olympic hockey Eurotour in Karjala Cup is nearing completion. In concluding the meeting, the Russian team will meet with the national team of the Czech Republic and it will be a great test for the team of Oleg Znarka. We’ll never get past this event and start our direct online broadcast exactly at 14:30 Moscow time.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The national teams of Russia and Czech Republic at Karjala Cup coming with the same result. Both teams at the start of the tournament lost: the Russians lost to Finland (2:3), and the Czechs – Sweden (3:5). After that, both of the national team, dealt with Switzerland. Wards Oleg Znarka it turned out better, as they beat them with the score 6:2, while the Czech Republic is only 3:2.

Now these teams met and they have their confrontation will be closed for the next stage of the Eurotour, farewell to the international arena until Dec.

The game between Russia and Czech Republic always are especially strained. The integrity of the duel of these teams is fully manifested in every area of the site, the players seek to prove their worth in every episode.

Favorite, as usual, the highlight is extremely difficult. What is the outcome of the match today? Will know very soon! “MK” will begin live online broadcast of the match between Russia and Czech Republic exactly at 14:30 Moscow time!

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