A difficult choice: do the students pay for the materials for the lessons

Technology lessons in schools — the ones that used to be called the classroom — are increasingly the subject of heated parental disputes. Rather, the lessons, tutorials and supplies for them. Do parents buy for these lessons colored paper, clay, scissors? And if not, then why here and there teachers and school principals are requested to bring to class one thing after another?

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Many parents believe that the school has resources that can be directed on acquisition necessary for teaching subjects. Discussing the topic, moms and dads on the forums and in groups with indignation at mention of the history of life, when forgotten at home scissors or decorative paper turned into tears from unfair set point. Parents tell us that the technology classes are asked to bring food and utensils, and even building materials. To buy it all, spending money, personal time, and have families.

Meanwhile, other parents insist: “There is nothing wrong with that child prepare for the lesson, bring some things to school!”

Clearly, this permanent confrontation of the parents to each other does not benefit the learning process. But school principals do not always tend to a definite point of view.

I can’t believe school funding is much improved in recent years, cannot provide for his disciples needed food and simple materials.

To allow a controversial time and place, in this issue all points over “i”, “MK” asked the position of the Moscow Department of education.

It turned out that to fill the basket with colored paper, paints, toys, books and products in the morning to bring all this to school, it is not necessary at all, and such requirements of teachers is inappropriate.

Considering with colleagues complaints from parents on this subject, head of the Department of education Isaak Kalina in a closed meeting responded unequivocally and sharply enough: “I am Ashamed to get treatment that something that is not provided with the learning process!”

Well, at least in some officials sided with normal logic.

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