A native of Chechnya, abducted a student of St. Petersburg University directly from the University

In St. Petersburg police detained two natives of Chechnya suspected in the abduction of a student. Girl power was taken directly from the classroom and held for almost a day.

photo: still from the film

The kidnapped were rescued on Sunday, November 12. According to “Fontanka”, in the early morning the guards stopped a car Toyota Camry. Inside were two natives of Chechnya and their compatriot — the student of St. Petersburg state agrarian University.

It turned out that one of the Caucasians a day earlier kidnapped the girl, threatening with the gun. Then he took the student a few hours, periodically beating. In the evening he was joined by another native of Chechnya.

The victim girl recorded bruises on the neck, shoulders, right wrist and hips. It turned out that one of the kidnappers is a former cohabitant of the victim.

Men arrested. Concerning them criminal case under article about kidnapping.

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