Alexander Chayanov told about the “heavenly dreams in the resort of Guantanamo Bay”

In an old mansion on Malaya Dmitrovka street was held presentation of new books of the writer and poet Alexander Shijanova. The author came to support the famous artists and friends: composer Alexander Zhurbin, the artist Nikas Safronov, the sculptor Friedrich Soghoyan.

In the center of Moscow writer Alexander Chayanov presented his novel “a dream of Paradise in the resort of Guantanamo.”

First at the recital made by the poet, the Chairman of the Board of the NGO the Union of writers of Russia Vladimir Boyarinov:

– I want to congratulate hero of the day, three times hero! First, he was born the heir, the son of Michael.

– However, he turned 18 – said Sheyanov.

– Right, already large, is agreed Boyarinov. – But most importantly, we congratulate the winner of the state prize for the development of fiction – he said loud and after an eloquent ausif finished – the Republic of Mordovia Alexander Mikhailovich Sheyanova. And today, Sasha has introduced a new gorgeous book called “the Heavenly dream”.

– The theme is not Marxist, very slimy, – wrote Chayanov impromptu.

– Then from our organization presented the insignia “honoured writer” with the right of perpetual wear – continued Boyarinov, listing all the exploits of the author.

After congratulating the composer Alexander Zhurbin played the piano and sang “Ah, these clouds in blue”.

The curtain of the night came Nikas Safronov, whose paintings adorned the book.

– Sasha knows how to make friends. He is charming and subtle, permanent and friendly. Congratulate him on his book. Saynow gives his resources, cause he respects all people of art, carefully applies to them. Sometimes Sasha writes all the lyrics for my paintings, sometimes they complement each other. It is close to my vision, – stated the artist.

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