Armed woman kicked the boy out of the apartment and locked himself in the bathroom

A curious incident occurred in the Kursk about 13 hours on May Boulevard. There are 11-year-old student quietly and peacefully waited in his apartment for the arrival of the tutor. When the doorbell rang, he ran to open it. But instead the teacher broke into the apartment of an unidentified woman grabbed the boy by the lapels, put a knife to her throat and then pushed him into the stairwell and locked himself in his apartment in the bathroom.


According to the website of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on Kursk area, the boy began to knock to the neighbors, told them what happened and those in the horror called the police.

Arrived at the scene of the incident, the police tried to persuade naletchicu out of someone else’s apartment. But she flatly refused. In the end, the police opened the apartment door and found the suspect locked himself in the bathroom. There is a woman and detained.

If you currently have nalicity was different piercing and cutting items, and the same knife with which she threatened the little landlord.

Itself 27-the summer native of the Kursk district said that didn’t mean anything and was just looking for a pill from his head and came to Kursk in search of work. The neighbors of the boy showed that he was seen several times this woman to the entrance of the house, but no special attention given.

The examination showed that at the time of Commission of crime the woman was drunk. Now she faces not only administrative responsibility, but also criminal for trespassing into a dwelling with a weapon. The suspect may receive up to 2 years in prison.

The boy, who was threatened naletchitsa, was not injured. But maybe he’d have a conversation with a child psychologist.

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