In Siberia have discovered a unique fossilized dinosaur egg

A group of scientists representing a number of Russian higher educational institutions, as well as Paleontological Institute Russian Academy of Sciences, found near the village of Shestakovo in Kemerovo oblast is a fossilized dinosaur egg. According to experts, the find is unique for Russia.


After examining the egg, paleontologists came to the conclusion that it refers to the lower Cretaceous — the first epoch of the Cretaceous period, which began 145 million years ago and lasted for about 44.5 million years. Still in the country of eggs belonging to this period of Earth’s history that was discovered was never. It is assumed that it was delayed a small predatory dinosaur, although it is also possible that it could be a primitive of protopic, the researchers note.

As noted, not so long ago to discover fossilized dinosaur eggs, scientists had rarely, however, recently in some regions the situation has improved greatly — it is, in particular, the North of China, Mongolian part of the Gobi desert and Argentina. However, Russia is almost not affected — until recently, the only time the fragments of fossilized dinosaur eggs in the country managed on the territory of Chukotka in the rocks, formed shortly before the extinction of dinosaurs. It happened in 2009, and since then all other messages on this subject were either deliberate misinformation or a mistake of the specialists who took over the petrified eggs of the usual stones, with the characteristic for such eggs form.

This time, scientists found two large fragment of the same dinosaur egg, which, apparently, resembles previously found in Mongolia fossils. Although experts are not sure that the egg will be to determine the species of depositing its a dinosaur, but its study will allow you to learn more about the ancient wealth of Asian fauna, experts suggest.

A study on the discovery was published in the academic journal Historical Biology.

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