It is like schizophrenia: the details of the terrible murder in the South of Moscow

The reasons for the death toll to 44-year-old native of Uzbekistan and her young son living in the South of Moscow, commented on the “MK” head of the center for legal and psychological assistance in emergency situations Mikhail Vinogradov. As previously reported, the bodies were discovered on Monday evening in the apartment where lived the family of four.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

In addition to the four sons of the deceased have, according to some, has a grown daughter. And her husband works at a local management company of public utilities, where he worked well as the woman herself.

Before to kill himself and his son, the woman wrote a note that asked relatives to close their debts on utility bills.

But what exactly is the debt for housing and communal services became the reason for such a wild act, I do not believe the famous psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov:

– Of course, you need to examine all the circumstances — what kind of family this woman kind of relationship with her husband, daughter, what her living conditions, the situation at work. But all this could be just the cause of depression, which, most likely superimposed on mental disorders. And, most likely, the woman was sick for a long time because it is very similar to the climax of the schizophrenic process. It is possible that chronic disease can overlap and emotional outburst caused by the outbreak of hormonal changes. For one reason or another the woman has felt a sense of despair, out of which she saw one kill itself, and to bring a small child to not suffer.

– Lack of money-for example, chronic, could lead to such a mood and act?

– The lack of money is also present in the structure of depression — a person is all bad, no money, so, not worth living. In fact the non-payment of utilities – it is not fatal. You can in fact pay off.

And economic situation in the country can affect the number of such crimes?

– You know, the number of such crimes is about the same everywhere — in Russia and in America.

– On what grounds is still committed such acts?

– Very often because of jealousy – when you kill the husband or lover and yourself. That is, on the basis of the same feelings of hopelessness, only in personal relationships: husband gone, wife gone, tragically killed parents or other loved ones.

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