On the visible side of the Sun disappeared all stains

Experts from the Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun at FIAN, said that in the moment, turned to the Earth side of the Sun not observed any spots. Judging by the photos the opposite side of the sun, taken two weeks ago, with a high probability of spots available on it.

photo: pixabay.com

In the press release of FIAN noted that about the same size as the Sun looks like now, it was represented to the beginning of the XVII century until about the existence of spots on the surface of the disc was not known, but the idea of “imperfection” of the surface could seem at least strange.

Solar activity varies during the 11-year cycle — over one half of that time, the magnetic field does not Shine is gradually increased, over the other is weakened. One of the main signs that solar activity is reduced, is the reduction in the number of sunspots.

At least once, according to experts, will be achieved at the turn of 2018 and 2019, after which solar activity will once again begin to gradually increase. Scientists say that in the coming months on the surface of the disc can still be stained, but they soon disappear. Also clarifies that in the Sun you can still see areas of increased magnetic activity, but this phenomenon can be considered “residual”.

Despite the fact that solar activity is now committed to a minimum recently shone repeatedly surprised both professionals and the General public. Recently on its surface was fixed rare plasma storm, in October of the magnetic lines in the Sun formed a figure shaped like a heart, and in September

Stains while they are still not disappeared from the surface of the disc, also often found themselves the center of attention — for example, one of them, spotted by astronomers in the middle of July, was larger than the Earth, and the other two recently located on opposite sides of the light and remained for a long time why on Earth a while magnetic storms were occurred “regularly”, approximately once in two weeks.

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