Rostov judge, who changed the number after “drunk” of the accident, refused the Alcotest

Unexpected continuation was received by history with the judge of the city of Azov, which was suspected of committing a drunken accident in the Rostov region. The judge is protected by immunity from any prosecution, refused a breathalyzer and said that at the time of the accident was in the passenger seat.

photo: a frame from the video

Resonance accident occurred at the entrance to the city of Azov on November 12. According to traffic police, the driver of the BMW X3 has not coped with management and has left on an oncoming lane, where it crashed into a Kia Sportage with Moscow numbers. Behind the wheel of the second foreign car was the woman who was with her child were injured.

After the collision, witnesses captured on video as the cause of the incident – the man with the certificate of the judge of the district court of the city of Azov by the name of goodkin began to twist the plates, changing them with new ones. While in the trunk he had a whole Arsenal of different license plates. Witnesses to the incident did not rule out that the driver of a shattered BMW, perhaps, was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Meanwhile, the publication of “Notepad-Rostov” has published a video in which the judge is already in the police station, suddenly said that was a passenger of a foreign car.

To the comment who shot the video of the woman that she has evidence that the driver was that he, the judge responds: “but you never know what you’ve got.” “Present, I’ll also present it,” he said opponent. Dialogue also follows that godkin after the accident, refused to pass medical survey.

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