The bankrupt MUP bought lottery tickets in hopes to pay off debts

Municipal enterprise “Management company” Khakass from the village of Vershina TEI bought 100 lottery tickets in hopes to pay off debts. According to the bankruptcy Trustee, other opportunities for that he does not see.


“Lottery tickets, — said the bankruptcy Trustee NTM Alex nikolyuk — purchased at the expense of the debtor (cash), therefore, all the possible winnings will be credited to the settlement account of the debtor and distributed to creditors according to priority. If my decision does not suit the creditors or the authorised bodies, disagree with the decision is entitled to appeal in accordance with the law”.

Only lottery administrator spent 10 thousand roubles, according to him, in case of disagreement with the decision, he would take the tickets of their property, and win, if it happens, will leave him.

Nikolyuk explained that his actions “dictated by the understanding that the calculation of the debtor’s obligations is possible only through the Miracle. The lottery is a chance. Ghost, but a chance. And maybe that January 1, 2018 we’re lucky”.

The population peaks of the TEI is constantly dropping, and now live there a little more than 3,300 people. The main enterprise of the village was Teya mine, whose staff during the year, regularly organized protests because of cuts and non-payment of wages, in the end the mine was closed.

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