The first results of the “flight to the moon”: the landing site chosen, the cake is ready

Experiment “Sirius”, which is on the Ground simulates a space flight to the moon, reached its climax. The crew of six men, which three men and three women, according to legend, reached the orbit of our satellite and started working with the lunar Rover and the choice of places to land the ship.

Working with the simulator of the Rover. At the console Elena Luchitskaya.

As reported by “MK” at the Institute of biomedical problems (IBMP) Russian Academy of Sciences, which is an experiment, “Sirius” crew “arrived at the orbit of the moon” on Sunday, five days after the start. Now the ship started to implement virtual laps around the satellite, as evidenced by the video image surface on the monitor of one of the computers. This 72-hour video (“over the moon” is designed for three days) gave the crew of the American space Agency NASA to “flight”, and more precisely, 17-day stay of the crew in ground experimental complex Khoroshevskoye shosse in Moscow was closer to reality. In addition to selecting the best locations for a hypothetical planting of “Sirius” on the lunar surface testers have already started the virtual control of a lunar Rover.

The programme of work on the satellite by the remote controlled assistant was developed by specialists of the Institute of biomedical problems in cooperation with MSU. University. Leaders of space missions is very important to understand as stay in an isolated space affects the operating activities of the astronauts. So, one of the participants of the experiment Elena Luchitskaya, according to her, on the ground carried out the manipulation with a robot is better than a week later, “flight”, and her colleague from the Institute of biomedical problems Natalia Lysova became better cope with the Rover, but worse performing other virtual tasks, for example, manual docking of spacecraft in orbit.

It looks like moon cake.

By the way, in honor of “the arrival to the moon,” the testers have prepared a dish that was not planned in advance. “Catch the recipe of moon cake, — wrote in his diary, Natalia Lysova, — you can try at home.”


• space crackers — 2 packs;

• aerospace med — 1,5 banks;

• space strawberry jam 1 package.

Spread on a tray the first layer of bread, pour all the honey, spread the next layer, fill with strawberry jam and wait until saturated.

Recall that the experiment SIRIUS (International Scientific Research in Unique Terrestrial Station) began in Moscow on 7 November. The first 17-day phase simulates a flight around the moon and return the crew to Earth. Subsequent crews will simulate a longer expedition to the satellite of the Earth, the longest of which will be the annual “planting and work on the lunar surface”. To the crew of the “Sirius-17” became the head of the laboratory of RSC “Energia” mark Serov, test cosmonaut Anna Kikina, employees IBMP Elena Luchitskaya, Natalia Lysova and Ilya Rukavishnikov, and a representative of Airbus Victor fetter.

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