The results of the First Biennale of theatre arts is summed up in the Vakhtangov theatre

The joy of the first winners of the contest “Lessons of directing”. State Secretary of the Ministry of culture with theatrical anecdote. Member of the jury without vote. Actress with verses about colleagues and the public. This and more was at the closing ceremony of the First Biennale of theatre arts, which took place on the stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre. The details — the observer “MK”.

Sergei Zhenovach and Adolf Shapiro. Pair of ceremonies. Photo:

Biennale, in which in addition to the theater also included music and art projects, has the serious intentions to help young Directors them another chance to Express themselves, to get noticed, noted. Moreover, the biennial encourages not only morally, but also financially. 14 young Directors from different regions of the country presented their work to the jury, which worked only Directors, whose reputation in our difficult time, no doubt: Rimas Tuminas, Alexei Borodin, Valery Fokin, Sergei Zhenovach, Adolf Shapiro, Dmitry Krymov, Grigory Kozlov. And here the results are summarized and announced at the Vakhtangov theatre.

The ceremony itself wasn’t excruciatingly long (1 hour and 15 minutes) and very elegant (directed by Angelica Cholina). Academic conference of Dmitry Trubochkin (doctor of arts, the largest specialist in ancient theatre) diluted improvisation by the state Secretary and Deputy Minister of culture Alexander Zhuravsky, sincere, sometimes spontaneous performances of the laureates, as well as the fun rooms.

So, for the winners declared three equivalent prize of 3 million rubles. This is a nice bonus, received two Moscow and one St. Petersburg show: “Late love” Yegor Peregudova (“Contemporary”), “His people — are numbered” Yegor Ravinsky (RAMT) and “Stone” Denis Husniyarov (Theatre on Vasilevsky). The prize “Audience recognition” (conducted an open vote) was taken to Kazan Ilya slavutskii, shown at the Biennale “the Marriage” by Gogol.

Each of the members of the jury-admonished his young colleagues. Dmitry Krymov sure she didn’t feel like a person who can give advice to young filmmakers.

— I can only tell you what I tell myself and think about the public good, the way you think about yourself, and even better. Act not like the others, but convincing and beautiful.

Large master Adolf Shapiro in the result of a cold lost voice, but his words were proven years of experience, broadcast by Sergei Zhenovach.

— The main thing that you have to be ready for anything. And the answer for everything, said on behalf of Shapiro the Zhenovach.

Who would doubt that in the end all the answer the Director, especially if the play fails. In the theater know that the success attributed all, but for the failure of one is responsible. However, in the closing day theatrical marathon, which lasted almost three weeks, on a sad not said — mostly joking. The beautiful actress of “Pyotr Fomenko Workshop” Madlen Dzhabrailova sang accompanied by a guitar “I love that my partner is… stupid. I like that the public…”. Young, of course, was worried; someone upset, but… competition is competition, and another victory should be able to meet with a smile.

And here’s the anecdote from Alexander Zhuravsky. The Director sees the audience stealthily sneaks along the wall to the exit. The Director catches him: “Comrade, you that, the show didn’t like it?” “What are you, the play was excellent, staging the avant-garde”. “Maybe the actors are bad at it?” “What are you, excellent work, just awesome.” — “Can it be that the show is bad?” “What are you, and the play excellent.” “Why are you going?” — “One in the hall is terrible”.

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