Brother sister Gum and the Shabolovka tower are mired in the province

The facade of the building of the Main Department store with the move knows every Muscovite is painfully original Terem managed to build architect Alexander Pomerantsev. Become familiar and the tower of engineer Shukhov, which is appears in the news: want to take it apart, sort of monument to call… Well, iconic buildings, the symbols of Moscow. And few people know that they had an “older brother and sister.” Trial versions of the masterpieces are in the Lipetsk region, almost in the open field.

photo: Daria tukova
The Moscow Shukhov’s tower and then going to carry. Lipetsk is a very want to keep.

Many new things were invented for the all-Russia industrial and art exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod in 1896. There debuted the car Freze and Yakovlev, Popov first radio, electric tram… However, these objects still have changed significantly over the past century, what can not be said about the achievements of architecture: it was built in this form and left.

It is on exhibition in 1896 the engineer Shukhov introduced the first hyperboloid tower construction — at the same time this form was patented. Later it was acquired there, at the exhibition, the owner of the estate “Polibino” Yuri Stepanovich Nechaev-Maltsov, he brought the monument in the Lipetsk oblast. In the manor tower assembled under the direct control of the Creator: Shukhov came in Polibino and helped to make the tower worked on the water supply for the whole estate complex.

Water was supplied to the tank turret of the don river. The water supply system functioned until 1919. Then contemporaries compared the tower with the Paris creation of the Eiffel tower — also something new, strange and metal and also used as a viewing platform.

By the way, to rise to a model of the Shukhov tower in Polibino can now — another thing is that for tourists, a 45 metre machine is not adapted. Steep spiral stairs, enshrined in the base of the tower, and the semicircular observation deck tour, perhaps, the bravest.

— When the restoration of the tower only took a spiral staircase held literally two bolts, although by itself, the design of the tower sufficiently strong. Stairs — this is an additional element. Now, there is ongoing work, and once they run out, climb to the observation deck will be possible without risk — with appropriate instruction and, maybe, some restrictions on the age or state of health, — explained the “MK” Vladimir Shukhov, the great-grandson of the famous engineer, involved in the preservation of its heritage.

Instruction — a piece completely not superfluous, although, strictly speaking, to climb to the top of the can and without special training. It is enough just to hold steady don’t look down and certainly not afraid of heights. And scrambling will have all four limbs — or spiral staircase can’t beat in any way. However, the views from the top, offset the discomfort — though not abolish tremor in her leg after returning to earth.

— The tower is completely preserved in the form in which it was created by Shukhov for the exhibition, — says Vladimir. — There is a restored white-stone Foundation, strengthen the ladder, put in order the whole ensemble. Now her condition does not inspire fear — rather, we should think about what requests restoration of the Palace itself on the territory of the estate complex. Actually I want to say that everywhere except in Moscow, as the towers are not cause for serious alarm. Another Shukhov tower is a decoration of the Nizhny Novgorod region, there are regularly hold community work days, work on the restoration. We, in Moscow, while there are some difficulties: first, the tower on Shabolovka is still not painted, secondly, it is very difficult to access to tourists — often have to literally jump in front of the fence. In addition, we lost a significant number of parts, and if the current object will be very different from the original, he will lose the status of a monument.

Indeed, the building itself is a manor house in Polibino is in poor condition. There is a grim photo shoot to arrange: devastation, desolation, holes in the floor…

It was called the Palace and was compared with the most luxurious manor houses in pre-revolutionary Russia, — tells about polibinskogo mansion, local historian Vadim Razumov. The owners of this house at different times was a great public and political figures, prominent philanthropists and talented poets. We stayed here the people that brought fame to Russian literature, culture, and social thought: Tsvetayev, Leo Tolstoy, Griboedov, Repin, Aivazovsky. The walls of this house were made decisions, discussed and implemented a fantastic project…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Now nothing left to look at the manor house with the height of the Shukhov tower. The facade had to be restored, and inside, stairs in disrepair, missing steps, piles of bricks, ex-stoves, and crumbling plaster.

— In 2014, the local authorities decided on the establishment on the estate of tourist-recreational cluster “Sukhovskii”, which would include the restoration of the estates, infrastructure and landscaping of the Park. However, recovery work is conducted very slowly, and the estate continues to deteriorate. The state ceiling in some rooms puts at risk all visitors to the estate, — continues the story of the Minds.

* * *

The building of the Upper trading rows, known as GUM, appeared on the red square a little more than a century ago. And all used to seeing him on the background of St. Basil’s Cathedral, Historical Museum, opposite the mausoleum of the leader of the revolution…

And here’s the surprise: almost the same GUM, only smaller, is in an open field!

Almost a copy of the “tower” on red square the Church of St. Demetrios in the village of Berezovka in the Lipetsk region. In the late nineteenth century for its creation came from the architect Alexander Pomerantsev, one of the main adherents of neo-Russian style, he is also the author of Gum. The temple in Berezovka ordered in memory of the fallen on the field of Kulikovo Russian soldiers all the patron — landowner Nechaev-Maltsev.

Such a masterpiece has put Alexander Pomerantsev on the red square…

photo: Daria tukova
…and this — in an open field in the village of Berezovka.

Demetrius the consecration of the Church took place in 1897. Contemporaries present at the dedication, recalled the Church: “For the beauty and richness of the materials and finish of all internal and external facilities it is an unusual rarity for villages”. That’s really really something I’d expect to see in red square and not in the open field!

Stone corbel arches and ornate decoration of the Church largely repeat the facade of Gum. Largely Berezovskaya Church “sister” the Upper trading rows: the same carved columns and ceremonial arches, the same ornament… by the Way, the ceiling of this temple is made by Shukhov — as in Gum. Portrait likeness! As noted by architectural critic Grigory Revzin, the main advantage of architecture Pomerantsev — the proportion aged extremely well.

photo: Daria tukova
The tower height of 45 meters: climb up, clutching the ladder with hands and feet.

“Using flattened arches in the lower tier and drop down to a semicircular arch in the second, he created a sense of tectonic logic in the construction of the facade, like a weight pushing down walls, arches bend, to strain, but everything held, and then it straightens. This, incidentally, was a bold discovery — hardly anyone dares to connect the arches of different patterns in a single facade, so much so that it didn’t look bad taste,” explains Revzin in his book on the history of Gum.

But if on the main store of the capital can enjoy a walk inside — not only for shopping, but also to admire the architecture: after the first “real” arcade in Europe! on the temple in Berezovka is now possible to look only on the outside. From interior decoration has not survived almost nothing: a blank wall, though, and remembering the story.

And the building itself is not in danger of anything, except his forced slumber. Yet tourists are not in a hurry in the open field to look at the Church, which few people have heard that little left… it turns out: for the rural Church is too much, and for the well — known monument- too little. Although it would seem, built by the same train Pomerantsev lobbies on the smaller Moscow belt railway (now ICC) is much more modest — but they are already in the guides.

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