Coffee protects against stroke and heart failure, scientists said

For a long time it was believed that if the coffee and affect the heart and blood vessels, the influence is solely negative. However, experts from the American heart Association have brought new arguments in favor of the fact that such a poor reputation this drink is well deserved. A study conducted by scientists showed that coffee reduces the risk of developing heart failure and stroke.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Experts using machine learning algorithms and analyzed the results of previous studies, long-term Framingham study on the relationship between various diets and cardiovascular system. There were also taken into account such factors as age of participants and their blood pressure.

As it turned out, people who drink a Cup of coffee in a week, seven percent less likely to face heart failure, and eight percent less — in stroke. Each additional Cup per week even more intensified this effect.While not noted what number of cups of coffee drunk per week, the study was considered as “maximum”.

Experts acknowledge that their research is insufficient to consider the benefit of coffee proven — even if consume this beverage people are less likely to suffer from certain problems with heart and blood vessels, it is not possible to state definitely about causal relationships. However, the researchers fully admit that coffee may indeed have a beneficial impact on the cardiovascular system.

The researchers also found that red meat may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, however, in this case to say anything with absolute certainty was even more difficult — in various studies, the results of which were taken into account, several different have considered the very definition of such concepts as “red meat”.

In General, today most of the scientists agree that coffee, despite its mixed reputation, brings more good than harm. In particular, according to some studies, this drink protects against senile dementia, helps lose weight, increases fertility and even reduce the chances of developing cirrhosis. At the same time, other scientists have warned that the abuse of coffee can lead to the development of inflammatory processes in the urogenital system and some other chronic diseases.

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