COP killer in Pskov was the village drunk

Became known details of the killings of two policemen in the villages, Asno Pskov region. The guardians of the law hastened to the call received from the residents of a tiny village. The caller complained of a neighbor who abused alcohol and began to brawl. When the police managed to get to the destination, it was already dark. The man (according to some he 62 years) met the guests in the form of a head-on. He first shot the police officers and then killed himself.

Police Cobblestones. Photo: social networks.

As reported by “MK” on the morning of November 14 in the village of Azna Nevelsky district, were found the bodies three people with gunshot wounds. Two of them were employees of Interdistrict Department of the Ministry of interior. It later emerged that a third man was the direct murderer of the other two. After he did it, he killed himself.

According to the head Plescoi Nevelsky parish district of Arkady Maximov, the reason for the call operatives was the quarrel of a man with a female partner. In conversation with editor-in-chief “MK in Pskov” Pavel Dmitriev, the head of the parish said that the man strongly abused alcohol. It happened that night: a villager got drunk, he got spooked in the dark, he began to act out. Neighbors, alarmed by the unfolding scandal and inappropriate behavior of men, called the police.

The call hurried two young officer — Stones and blacksmiths. According to some, one precinct didn’t even work for Plescoi parish. But your company partner, because the law obliges you to travel that sort of incident at the two of us. The path to the village from on MIA turned out to be long: the village is located on the border with Belarus. The police left about 20:00, but arrived just a few hours. Further details will have to install the investigation. It is known that the troublemaker killed both police officers and then killed himself. Apparently, the few hours that the guards spent on the road, not helped him to sober up and in the time of the murder he was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

Local journalists found out that the killer was a captain in resignation. Correspondents of the crew of “Vesti-Moscow” quoted local residents about the neighbor, “was quiet and calm, very well painted, really hard drinking”.

Friends and relatives of the dead policemen hard to survive the incident. 28-year-old Sergei Boulyjenkov described as a wonderful person and friend. “Never betray, always helped. Did not judge himself and was always a decent man.” He was fond of cars and sports, don’t smoke or drink.

Both employees survived by his parents, his own family they have not yet.

The murder investigation of a criminal case.

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