Dagestani given 12 years for the dismemberment and murder of his wife in Moscow

The verdict of the Dagestani Shapi Chagaevu, who was suspected in the murder and dismemberment of his wife, the mother of young children, delivered on Tuesday Presnensky court of capital.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As at the time reported, “MK”, 30-year-old Fatima Sajeewa disappeared June 13, 2015 three bedroom apartments in Shmitovsky proezd.

37-year-old husband of the woman said the guards that she was going to join the ISIS (banned in Russia organization). Supposedly on June 13, Fatima day visited the salon, went home, and then said he would leave with a friend, a Chechen woman in Grozny, and from there in Makhachkala. The same man said and their youngest, 4-year-old daughter and mother-in-law, which was visiting the older children – 11-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy. Fatima was supposed to come to Makhachkala on June 16, but disappeared.

The family has filed a complaint with local law enforcement. And the brother of the woman has arrived to Moscow and appealed to the Metropolitan police. In conversation with law enforcement officers, neighbours of the pair remembered that on August 15, husband of Fatima carried from home big bags. And the youngest daughter Sahaabah told guards that his father has locked her in a room at night, and then said that her mother threw. In the very same apartment during the search was discovered traces of blood in the kitchen, in the sink and on the bathroom floor and walls. A video camera showed that from 23: 00 June 13 until 5 a.m. June 14, Cadillac men traveled to the capital, as if Shapiro was delivering some cargo.

Relatives of Fatima also recalled that on may 27 the woman was in the hospital with a strange poisoning and survived only because the eldest daughter in time called an ambulance. Shapiro then tried to convince everyone that the spouse is using drugs, although no potions in her blood, doctors have not found.

According to relatives of Fatima, the family Saheefah was almost perfect. Fatima was married to Shapiro 18. The couple moved from Makhachkala to Moscow in the apartment of relatives. Fatima nursed children, regularly went to a beauty salon and a fitness club. But the study at the University her husband is not allowed. And in the gym saw Fatima with bruises.

In September 2014, the couple divorced — allegedly on parting, insisted the head of the family, which at this time was a different lady. The former husband and wife live in different rooms, and Shapi its even closed on the key. Also, a man in every way have set up their home against Fatima, saying that she doesn’t cook, not dealing with the children and yells at them. My husband persuaded Fatima not to file for child support and division of property, promising to buy an apartment in Makhachkala. But the woman wanted the move to combine with the end of the eldest daughter of the 4th class, so as not to disrupt the girl from school.

In the course of an investigation, 39-year-old Chagaevu was remanded in custody. As it became known “MK”, Presnensky court sentenced a man to 12 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of strict regime.

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