Director of Vakhtangov theatre Kirill KROK meets anniversary

If crock was not, it had to be invented. As a science hero, which is something that finally will make, resulting in life all will change for the better. But he isn’t a fantastic hero and to invent it is not necessary. Kirill KROK already exists: he is the Director of the Vakhtangov Theatre, and today is his birthday. Beautiful figure — 50.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Yes, Kirill KROK — a real person with a real biography, and extremely theatrical. Actually, sometimes it seems that he was born in the theatre, so knows him well. But he was born as all, in the hospital, studied, studying to be a lawyer, but abandoned the career of lawyer and quarreled with their parents, share the love of a son for Melpomene, came to the theater. There he did not is that artist, and on the technical side mastered many professions: he was a prop maker, illuminator, the fitter of a scene… So CROC to not caught with chaff: a theatrical work “to and from”.

Incidentally, the word “KROK” in Polish means “step,” and accordingly their names on the current hero of the day famously walked on the theatrical ladder from the mounter to the managing Director and samudrala in the theatre “Modern”, and later worked as a Vice rector of the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and Director of educational theatre. So in the Vakhtangov theatre, where he was invited in 2010, the CROC came with a certain experience of the head.

Only Vakhtangov — this powerful vehicle, with its renowned team — all the same, what’s new appointee’s experience and previous achievements for it don’t count. For Vakhtangov more important than a match on blood group. And here, I must say, a happy coincidence: in a couple of new artistic Director Tuminas (checked in at the Vakhtangov earlier) came not revolutionary or advanced Manager, which dramatically changes the team and builds your credibility at the expense of the predecessor, and the one who continued to respectfully do what they did to him many different people. For example, such a legendary Director like Isidor Tartakovsky, who worked with Simonov and Ulyanov.

Furthermore, Kroc did not come in the best for the theater when the actors because of the conflict with the previous administration (that paid themselves many times more than those who every night walked on stage) had a strong distrust of authorities. And then — and artistic Director from Lithuania, and the Director of the new. Who knows this crock?! And that at 42, he is without the trappings. … But still no wonder given name: CROC for CROC, that is, step by step, and without further ADO, the new Manager begins to work, and all marvel: you look, and the baby-our — hoo!

In less than seven years in theater on the Old Arbat “the kid” (which is pronounced with a different intonation, Yes and no “kid”) does what others for tens of years was not closing the theatre for repairs, changes an old stage (it is carefully cut into wooden blocks and distribute to employees as artifacts), changes in technical equipment…

This is another thing: it completes the unfinished new scenes that dragged on (and in fact was) 13 (!!!) years. Opens this space with new dressing areas, workshops (woodwork — a subject of special pride), with a fitness area for all without an exception workers of the theatre (sweat in the sauna and the artist, and prop maker!)…

In the record Builder Kroc also includes: theatrical hostel for a few families; the art cafe, where creative evenings of artists of different generations; memorial apartment of Yevgeny Vakhtangov, newly restored and open to the public; finally, Simonovsky scene, which opened just two weeks ago. A year and nine months (!!!) repaired and reconstructed the building in 1936 (3.5 thousand sq m), years living in a crumbling condition.

Now Vakhtangov there are two new scenes from the rehearsal halls, the audience — the old/new theater, “Pike” — new classrooms. And it is a CROC with his team, which, notice, he did not lead, and have formed all these years from the old and new employees. I’m not talking about the financial side of the issue: Vakhtangov very high salaries, and every subsidized by the Ministry of culture of the ruble theatre today makes two and a half. How?!

And it will ask Rimas Tuminas, which makes these plays that are so simply you will not get. Kirill Kroc, who so ably leads the drama thing that is the result of others ‘ envy. Anyway, this Duo of creative Directors Rimas Tuminas—CROC, with its ostentatious to avoid grandiose promises and statements of work (without a fight for what is not clear), is the best proof that the non-revolutionary path is better for art in Russia. It is necessary to have talent, and just work every day and be honest to others, care for the elderly. Maybe this is our national ties?..

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