From the Moscow river pulled the body of a young girl with bound feet

In the Moscow river in the area between the village of Dubna and the village of Cherkizovo found the body of a girl with bound feet. The experts found that her death came a few days ago.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As reported sources in law enforcement bodies, on the appearance of a girl of Asian appearance, 20 to 25 years. The body was located about five metres from the shore.

Arrived at the scene the forensic experts established previously that the death occurred few days, with visible traces of violent death, they have not yet discovered.

In fact the incident is checked. It is clarified that the legs of the deceased were tied rope tow. Investigators are trying to establish her identity.

At the end of July this year in the Moscow river near the street Borisovskie ponds were found two black plastic bag with the remains of two women. Earlier, on the same area of the reservoir found eight plastic bags and two cemented cardboard boxes with the remains of the body of a man, and a fragment of the pelvic bone of an unknown man.

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