Naked and helpless

Amazing the uproar because of the emergence of a naked actor in the student work of the School-Studio of MKHAT, can only be explained by a virus of hypocrisy, brought to us by the Western wind. I have been reading about lustful Weinstein, have evaluated the ashes on the bald patches Kevin spacey, impressed vindictive knee, a dozen years kept trace of someone’s fingers, breathed deeply — and has tachigali in unison with the “civilized world”. However, there the puritans stick to the principle “in art, anything in life — no, no,” and domestic — on the contrary: the realities useless to fight, but culture is required to show only the samples of morality, ethics and spirituality.


Now ask, “what are You, like the fragments of this strange action, is available for viewing online?”

No, I absolutely did not like. I don’t like it when the audience is drawn into the interactive, spraying water and throwing debris. I bad believe in the existence of such artistic problems that cannot be solved without showing genitals — of course, if the tasks are really artistic and the purpose of “shocking for the sake of shocking” Director is not punishable.

I just don’t understand why we started with small student Barber shop. Nude — women and men — are not uncommon on the Russian public stage. That is so rare that is already a truism. Provocations spiritual and physiological sense are observed even academic groups. Draw on the poster are 18+ and go up to the mountain. To judge the performance based on the fact of the presence there bare backsides or obscene language, though: art is not determined by the methods, and the validity of their application.

The students, of course, not children, though, because their peers in the army trusted weapon. But they are at the stage of development when you want to vandalize, to feel under foot the edge, to read and to put different zabuben, novel, falling into a terrible banality. If you undress in front of an audience (after all, theatrical institution, not a Seminary), so better now than later, when the details of your anatomy will be not so much ethical as aesthetic protest.

Touches moans and groans about the sock on the causal place at an unknown third-despite the fact that the country from night to night watches on the Federal TV naked actors, and actors with completely stripped glory. It began not yesterday, and I fear there will be over tomorrow. Live turned inside out, the dead are tearing apart. There is no privacy, where the magic key Malakhov — Shepelev — Borisov — Korchevnikov et cetera wouldn’t have opened the gates the crowd. There was no keyhole, which we have not stuck their collective nose. No square inch of any meaningful future, not trampled collective Shoe.

You hear rumbling shoes? This many-headed house Manager Bunsha requires details from Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. People’s artist of the USSR weakly resists:

Divorce or no divorce, that’s our business. —

Wrong, my dear, is a matter of public! —

Armen Borisovich had the temerity to allow television group, in a hospital room (he’s always been open to the press, as evidenced by the journalist who recorded with him his first interview more than a quarter century ago). Further from it not dependent. He is guilty? Probably. Even exactly. But why there is no mind and will, capable of defending undisputed national treasure — including from himself, if need be? Soon a month, as the intimate life of 82-year-old man obmusolivat close and distant, others near of such programs feeds kolotursky “Diaspora”. It’s not Russian and do not like human beings, but for many, the only way to stay afloat in the media. Dzhigarkhanyan sagraut in front of the whole country sucks and no socks are not provided, and is anyone outraged? Someone said, “Primivite bones to each other — no questions. Empty on the screens of your sheets — if without this information field is considered defective. But, people’s artists of the USSR — departed and living — leave it alone! The name — Legion. Their name is legend”?

Silent as long as I don’t believe in the possibility of change on this front. Horrified, wincing in disgust, switchable button. Silently give obkladyvanii Zykina with Magomayev, Gurchenko Mordyukova… restrict the use of drama and tragedy as a testing ground for bourgeois moralizing: “But don’t drink it! But no need to marry young! But need to monitor their children!..” Overall, not objectionable, but it is better practice to plaster cats. Why are you throwing stones in a vase dynasty Qianlong?

The humiliation and sexualization of those we loved, with whose images grew, is a slap in our childhood, our soul. Living heritage should be protected in the same way as monuments. Even more fervently monuments, because people less durable. Reputation true folk artists should be cherished as we cherish the country’s history and not allowing anyone or hitting poking around in it with dirty hands. What Dzhigarkhanyan? The intellectual beauty of “Hello, it’s me!” and a hunchbacked monster Karpusha. A nervous TIC of captain Ovechkin and grotesque gait judge Krigs. The lump in my throat, without which it is impossible to watch “When September comes”. Voice with anything else can not be confused — whether it’s a cartoon “right now I sing!” or a tongue Twister Cagliostro in the “Formula of love”. The legendary “Mayakovka” times Goncharov: one day after the performance the fans picked up on Armen’s hand and brought almost to the house for non-professionals…

It’s flawless? No, as any of us. He made a mistake? Of course, not the first. He deserves at least just as considerate attitude on our part?

Is there?

The family unit, disintegrated so suddenly, did not cause anything, except bewilderment, but this is a personal matter Dzhigarkhanyan. And the financial and economic activities of his theater should monitor those especially for this set. To protect the reputation of the venerable man means to keep him from possible violations. Sadly form of interaction between the state and the artist: first, lack of control, then public defamation…

Due to a confluence of adverse circumstances, and most importantly — because of the lack of a sound humanitarian policy, society and culture recently shared crack. Further, she will turn into abyss. Passions around “Matilda”, a criminal case, “the Seventh Studio” taken out of context the words Raikin, again divorce Dzhigarkhanyan, the same ill-fated sock… sessions “revelations” of culture are repeated regularly, each time provoking in the public consciousness painful spasm, “God, how to spend our money?!” They are spent in fact, almost impossible to figure out: the same Federal channels do not leave serious artists a chance to be on the screen with a story about his work. This is believed to anyone interested. Although, whether on our TV a kind of Soviet “Kinopanorama” (host, able to maintain a dialogue not on the level of “who slept with whom”), an interesting debate about the boundaries of what is permitted — not to walk on the same example of “Matilda” could improve the atmosphere in society.

In principle, openness is the most effective way to remove the cultural industry in the suspicion often unjust and unreasonable. Invite people to the set for rehearsal, workshop serious sculptor while officials have not made the whole of Russia the bronze statues. Show how beautiful, diverse and rich our culture even now. Not in the reserve of the same name distinguished channel show, and all over the country.

For news and analytical programs much: someone wise asked finally national media to move from incident to event. This is a completely different level of journalism: the incident — what happened, the event you often have to anticipate myself. Culture and this welcome reform has not yet touched.

Even Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov complained that “the amount of disposed by the state, act in an arbitrary use of artistic environment, very poorly controlled (especially in our confusion, and indifference to everything)”. The quote, by the way, the mid-1970s. In the history of this period, noted as the Golden age of Russian art. So, not a budget one?

Modern Russian culture receives and produces very little love. “Don’t, do not be loved” — as brilliantly articulated screenwriter of “the Monk and the demon” Yury Arabov. The “stars” more genuinely loved less. Yes, and those shamelessly stripped needful crowd.

If you don’t like, then everything is permitted. To divert the budget. Shove fico in movies and plays, like the pockets. To stand up only for their sense of corporate solidarity, reaches the highest point, when the world outside the Corporation is perceived as hostile. To shock and to enjoy it. To provoke indignation and gloating. The worse, the better.

It’s all there. But there are many more, unfortunately, remaining in the shadows.

People who do not love and respect their own culture, loses its soul. Culture, rejects his people, dies. State not sewing carefully the people and culture in a single fabric, gets two headaches.

Of course, Russia has enormous creative potential. No doubt, in Russia there is an acute public demand for meanings and values, truth and beauty.

How are we born to set it right?

Elena YAMPOLSKAYA, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Based on the materials of the “Electronic newspaper “Culture Portal”

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