Photo of Hyuk with a terrible head blew network

Internet user under the nickname VARCHUN13 posted on the website a rather frightening picture of Hyuk, where the fish looks so ugly that it differently is fascinating. The picture was accompanied by the comment “Now I understand why it is sold without the head.” Unexpectedly, including for the author posted the photo attracted the attention of many users of the site, and then began to rapidly gain popularity in the Russian segment of the Internet in General.


His head hit the frame of the fish looks really big, especially attention is drawn to large and like the evil eye. No less terrible seemed to many a huge mouth with a few, but no less frightening teeth.

In addition, the fish tail in the pictures is as if she is planning to eat it that gave Internet users a reason to compare it with the Ouroboros — the mythical curled into a ring snake, kusushi own tail and is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind. Fish compared with a range of characters in films and cartoons, with similar facial features.

In the comments to continue to gain popularity pictures of exercise in wit hundreds of people — someone expressed the theory that fish was looking for adventure on your radiations territories, someone-heck a lot of smoke and not go to the dentist, and someone that he “was just photographed for a passport.”

Some Internet users have shared their favorite photos of marine life — not less frightening Beloglazova Grenadier (also known as Grenadier), and quite cute axolotl. Also, the review was posted and less frightening photo of hake that was the reason for the joke – “Hyuk instagram and hake in life.”

Commenting on the joke of the author of the message, some users explained that in fact the hecks head cut off, not in order to save the psyche of potential buyers, but merely to fish for as long as possible is not spoiled.

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