Raikin remembered Medina PhD

Not since we have noticed that at all — very mildly — ambiguity Minister Medinsky him fell the lot to blow up razoaveis the art or scientific community: here he stuck a Kalashnikov in the center of Moscow — woke up freaking sculptors; defended his PhD — startled the scientific world finally; decided to marinate Konstantin Raikin — the art Director “the Satyricon” has rolling cylinders on its head, perhaps for the first time in our history, urging the people of the theater to reason with the Minister. Although “Matilda” and on the Seventh Studio Medina held indirectly — but these scandals that developed into a serious basic discussion also happened with him. And not by accident. Society has matured to change. Changing ethics. Changing patterns of behavior.

I repeat, it’s not a momentary scandals as such — God be with them. Finally, 30 years after the restructuring, was found in a narrow street of the old and new model vision of the world, and not separate them. Intricate and Medina as if someone had flipped in the middle of the streets tank slop to the two time clashed only more acute. Almost every scandal with him widely divergent waves, taking into its orbit the craft of relationship, and it’s wonderful: people revise their views of the world, on themselves, on art, on the economy of culture. Lizard matured enough to shed the skin.

Look at this scandal from Raikin. Constantine just now recorded a video message: “throughout the year, go check prosecutorial one, another; they revealed no serious violations. And the reason for their revenge and punishment, who wants to expose me to theatre and my direct boss Vladimir Medinsky. He can’t forgive me for my statement at the Congress of STD” (the one about censorship. — Y. S.). Artistic Director of “Satirikon”, of course, referred to the basic cause: “now it encroaches on our construction,” and addressed to the Director of the theater, to the audience, to the highest government authorities that are above the Ministry of culture: “Dear friends, let’s uretim our Minister”.

And — again for the first time, Raikin noted that “my merits are more than the merits of this… (pause) the chief of the morality of the whole of Russia, Director of integrity and doctor of historical Sciences”.

And it’s not a single move specific theatrical artistic Director. Just come (for cultural workers — with some delay) twenty-first century, when holystoning to his superiors is not something that is not fashionable, but simply because it is Patriarchal (I admit — for someone very cozy and comfortable) servility itself degenerated, left the scene. Well, who else and when publicly made it clear that this man, our Minister, — he, in fact, who and why?..

Slowly there comes a time when the best Minister of culture will be the one whose name no one really could not name. Functionary. Invisible to the world. Because only need a streamlined economic model of the interaction theaters, Philharmonic, circus and PART public money. Yes, and you need to stop these companies called state. They creative is primary. And what part of the state, sponsors, donations from religious communities (as in Austria) is one did not move. And Medina, again to the contrary — the abscess was opened.

After Raikin pulled and the others — not immediately, but will be pulled (many scary, and something to lose), and not once will we hear: “Vladimir, you’re wrong!” And it is very useful. Because if after Vladimir on the culture of going to jail, God forbid, a full odious, the community will be ready to break it if necessary, like a hot water bottle. Trained on Medina.

By the way, Medinsky not even bother with the ideology. It’s more about self-sufficiency. No bother, of course, on behalf of RVIA, but rather a caricature. And it can come one very sick in the head. And if that happens — get a new phase: check-out the new generation of actors, filmmakers, and artists out of the country, and the language will not be a hindrance as previously thought.

The Minister of culture should become a feature. Frequent use of his name should be bad form in principle. Yes, we love personalities, but this love comes out sideways: Russia is tired cultural fools. So Khrushchev’s missiles in Cuba don’t remember, but his words at the exhibition of the avant-garde in December 1962 emerge constantly — the old man turns over in his grave.

And the current scandals with the Dzhigarkhanyan theater? Good Yuri, don’t burden yourself with a fine art flair and handing over right and left theatres, folklore centers, galleries, etc., laid bombs in the next ten years will be torn. The first scandal — Theatre “Modern”, and the second Dzhigarkhanyan, prepare the Manege square, on which normal people can not look without shudder…

If anything happens with the Dzhigarkhanyan — what would you do to the town with this theater? At the heart of his creation there is no powerful directorial credo (a La potters, Pluchek, Zakharov, Tovstonogov, Lyubimov, Efremov) or economic reason. You have such Saski-masyaska, when the state first bloat nonsense, then the very same disentangle them.

It’s time for the distance. Between the artist and the state. And it will still grow, because the visit of the big boss in theater so-and-so and opadanie all the time in the “court bows and curtseys” look terrifying atavism. Guys, Wake up: changed art, and changed values, not with Louis XIV live!

There are now all somewhat surprised that close Zadornov did not want to put on the parting, held the ceremony in a private suburban clinic, without the cameras and flashes. But this is only the first bell. But this is the norm, so it should be, and soon this “new fashion” will be followed by very many, because to make the death of each people’s artist hall of columns, speeches and pads with orders — it’s a wild carnival that is not in the spirit of the time never.

Form left — content is not. Almost all of the great, who connected the country with the Soviet Union — was gone. All the pathos of the words spoken. The concept is exhausted. Now is the time for new words and new meanings, and ran the time rapidly. That and Medina, and Raikin, thank you. Even if it’s “no, thank you”.

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