Second warning: 15 thousands of scientists built the list of major threats to humanity

In the journal BioScience published a list of threats to the existence of life on Earth in the modern sense of the word. He was signed on 15 364 scientists from 184 countries of the world and became the second of its kind. As significant threats scientists call global warming, but the list is not limited.


In 1992 was published largely similar document — then 1 700 scientists from around the world signed the “warning to humanity”, which also raised the problem of emerging from the control of the impact humans have on the planet. Even then, the experts noted such problems as ozone depletion, pollution of water and air, deforestation, soil degradation and the extinction of entire species. All this, according to Henry Kendall, one of the authors of the first statement is the result of human activity and “puts at risk the future we wish for human civilization, animals and plants”. Experts have expressed fear that with the continuation of observed trends over time, the Land would become incapable of supporting life in the usual human form.

A new message, which was signed by almost an order of magnitude more experts were prepared for the 25th anniversary of the first letter. Its authors, including wonder, how the situation has changed in a quarter century and whether measures have been during this time taken the necessary measures. According to researchers, in General, humanity has failed to achieve sufficient progress in addressing environmental issues, and in many respects the situation has deteriorated significantly — global warming remain highly visible, the amount of emissions of greenhouse gases are rising, and populations of many living beings — in particular, fish has decreased significantly. As one of the few positive trends marked reduction in the size of the ozone hole.

According to the authors, their letter serves as a “second warning”, and soon, humanity may completely lose the opportunity to save their own planet.

Experts suggest a few steps that still could improve the situation — speech, in particular, is the development of so-called “green energy”, the development of nature reserves and reduction of food waste, as well as changes in the economy, which would be transformed consumption patterns in General.

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