The story of the punch: if the invention is stolen from Kant

On the main page of the Google search engine was posted a small animation, Pasadena the punch. It was decorated much the same as other hosting company’s doodles — themed “postcards” on certain people, events and so on. A rather unexpected theme for the Doodle selected this time, due to the fact that in this day 131 years ago, a man considered to be the inventor of the hole punch, has applied for obtaining this patent.


Hole punch — a mechanical device for punching holes in paper. Anyway, in its form, which is the device most often used today, it was patented by a German merchant, entrepreneur, inventor and draftsman Friedrich Senckenb. An application for a patent he filed on November 14, 1886.

Device for punching holes in paper is considered his most famous invention, however, it also has patented a container for ink with a wooden block for greater stability, a new font called Rundschrift, school pen, folder, which was the predecessor of the modern folders, the Registrar, and – pen with a gold NIB, chemically resistant against acids.

However, according to some, a hole punch was used before was officially patented. In particular, it is argued that the device was actively used by the philosopher Immanuel Kant, the main difference in its fixture from the modern punchers was the fact that the diameter of the holes produced amounted to 11.6 mm, and most of the punches produced today, it is approximately equal to 6 millimeters.

Today, the most popular are the punches, at a time in the paper making two holes, however, are also produced on four pencils and one hole. It is worth noting that, in addition to international, there are two widely used standard for the manufacture of pencils — the North American and Swedish. National 4-otwarty standard called “triohålning” which is used in Sweden, in almost all cases, characterized by the fact that the hole centers are at a distance 21, 21 and 70 millimeters from each other. The Swedish name comes from the folder name-Registrar “Triopärmen”, patented in Sweden in 1890, presumably named after the inventor Andreas Tingvalla in honor of himself and his two companions. The folder is different in that it can be opened from either side.

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