Volkonsky reading

Fifth Volkonsky read that take place in Strelna, timed to the anniversary of the founding of the library of the General staff. The event first appeared on the international level: it was made by the delegates from Russia, Belarus and CIS countries but also from Serbia.

photo: ens.mil.ru

Started celebrations on Monday, November 13, with the laying of flowers at the place of presentation Church, where were buried Prince Pyotr Mikhailovich Volkonsky, the founder of the library (now the historical-scientific center “Military historical library”).

Main theme — the attitude to the Russian military traditions. The readings were made by the cadets of the Suvorov and Nakhimov schools from across the country, especially noting your interest in the history of martial Affairs. Representatives of the Republic of Belarus and Serbia stressed that the brotherhood and mutual support of our people is extremely important. Arrived and the representative of the Kyrgyz Republic to talk about the order of training in the Suvorov military school.

In the second section of the readings the students have looked at the question of succession of the Royal cadet institutions and the Soviet schools. The representative of the Nakhimov naval school in Sevastopol, spoke about the perception of cadets and their families of revolutionary events, on further emigration. Cadets abroad became a separate sub-theme of the readings, in the jubilee year of the Russian revolution is particularly relevant. Students learned that the cadet corps has brought a century and a half tradition of Russian military culture and education of young people in many countries: for example, Russian cadet corps was near Paris, where children of immigrants from the Russian Empire gave the traditional military education, not forgetting, however, to issue a certificate of international standard for entering the European educational institutions.

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