Actor Dyuzhev offended viewers, do not miss it in the queue

Stars of Russian cinema and show business, giving his work to the Russian audience, not often confronted with this viewer in everyday life. Not all such acquaintance have taste. For example, the actor Dmitry Dyuzheva “pellet” was so unpleasant that he publicly expressed his dissatisfaction in the media.

photo: Maxim Korotchenko

Speaking in the program “No offense” on LTV channel, the famous Russian actor Dmitry Dyuzhev said that the Russian audience deserves low-grade series and transfer, so as not cultured and ill-mannered.

And the reason for such a serious offense on the part of the actor was the case at the airport. The actor was flying business class and thought that passengers flying coach had to miss his queue. When the actor proposed to take place and to stand for “all” of it is insulted.

“I took part in a business class at the airport, and economy class passengers do not pass me out of turn… And I think: what I talk to you? I for your leisure life at risk,” said the actor.

“That’s right for you to make such crap and bullshit, these series cheap and worthless. You deserve it,” – addressed the angry actor to the Russian audience.

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