For admission to a prestigious school parents are willing to buy apartments

Every year the enrollment in first grade in our country is increasingly reminiscent of the opening campaign in the prestigious universities. Next year will go to school children, year of birth which was the peak of the capital’s birth rate, so the competition for admission to top middle schools will certainly soar to the very heavens.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

After a month on the website of public services will begin registration of applications from parents of first-graders. However, educated parents are now actively engaged in the problem of how to push their child into a prestigious school. There are even some who do not regret money to buy an apartment near a coveted school, or are the violations of the law, making a fake registration.

— Next year is in the 1st grade our youngest daughter. To be accepted into a good school, we had to buy an apartment near the school, says Muscovite Karina. The son went to study 7 years ago, when preschool children were few, and get into most schools on the additional lists was not difficult. But last year in the 1st class went so many children, in a prestigious institution without the need of registration to get real. And next year first grade will be even greater. We live in a rented apartment — not because there is no money on their own, just so convenient, you can move at any time. But this year decided to move the mother-in-law closer to us from the suburbs and bought her house in the territory assigned to the school that we chose. Mother-in-law this area is not very like, but after the deal with the husband and daughter have issued the check to the right address, and admission to the chosen school we are now guaranteed.

Parents who do not have the opportunity to buy a house near a coveted school, trying to get into the school cheaper ways. Several years for enrollment in the first class of the prestigious nachalki adults did a dummy registration in one of the nearby houses. However, such parents are actively engaged militiamen, and the children, dads and moms which were caught cheating, the school had the right immediately to deduct. So at the moment the only reliable and legal way of getting to the right institution is a visit to a kindergarten child within one school complex with the school.

— I don’t work, so had not planned to send his son to kindergarten, she says. — However, five years ago, it was clear that in another way without a lot of money and the right of residence in a good school it is impossible to get. The result had already 3 years to carry a child to another area in the kindergarten — to get back 5 or 6 years in front of the school was also impossible, all groups out there filled to capacity. Had regularly to extract information about the son’s illness with the recommendation not to visit the garden for 2-3 months. So we were able to skip almost half of the school year. But it’s worth it — girlfriend has turned to the headmaster and gave them to understand that free places for children on additional lists will not be exact.

Is it worth it any ways to try to break into the elite schools, is it really so important for a child we found out the Vice principal 1273 Tamara Tretyakova:

— In Moscow there are several hundred schools, and many of them today, is a good and effective schools. Unfortunately, some parents who seek any means to get into a top school ranking, exaggerating the situation, and not always doing best for their children. Often in the pursuit of prestige adults forget that in elementary school the most important thing is to find the very first teacher who will help you to love school and learning. If it is not timely made, even in the most prestigious educational institution, the child may be uncomfortable. Therefore, in most cases, it is better to seek a professional educator in the school near the house, so as not to burden the child and travel to another area.

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