Fostered children: why the West like Russian dogs

You go on the road somewhere outside of town, staring out the window. You’re not admiring the landscape, not looking at billboards, shop Windows… You see dogs running along the highway. It’s kind of a side effect of volunteering.

In your car in the back seat always plaid, a collar and leash and a bag of dry food. Just in case.

Here’s your mind grabs on the side of the body of the downed dog. Stop: can I help you? And lay all the cases, flying to the clinic. Send the call out to her — such as crazy as you are. And they are directly involved.

photo: From personal archive
Longing now lives in Amsterdam.

“Excuse me, home is not invited. I have a flock of seven which a dog’s head. Dogs are great and the guests alert — warns Ksenia Vasylchenko, when we are written off in the social network. If you’re not afraid, then come! The bottom call — I’ll close my dogs and then one will release to get acquainted!”

First I Fleece. Yelp to order, sniffs, and carries his toys: “throw me!”. Next comes the Kid — a large, sedate the dog and lies down at his feet.

With Runes all started four and a half years ago, when my daughter Ksenia from animal shelter brought home this creation with birth trauma. The dog was treated and it stayed in the family.

— And then, to avoid a midlife crisis — suddenly said Xenia, a beautiful blonde with the violet eyes — I sold my part of the business and went to the Himalayas to travel. Tibet, Nepal, Thailand… Long wanted to do the trek around Annapurna, but I have enough for two whole months.

When she returned to Moscow, the legs themselves suffered in Kozhukhovo shelter for homeless animals. And that in the story of her life took such a turn was not surprising. Xenia — born volunteer, from those who are always waiting in the wings. When there was a flood in Krymsk, which destroyed half the city, without even thinking, she rushed back to clear the debris. Learned about children’s hospice — and began to help with money, because I realized that there volunteers will not: a heart attack. So the animals in this chain of goodness — it is a natural stage.

— Started to constantly go to the shelter — she says casually. — Took over the coaching series. This is the 32 enclosure. About 100 dogs. Shelter is one of the largest in Moscow. About three thousand dogs and about four hundred seals. Feed, treat, walk, will socialize, attached…

I look at Ksenia — intelligent, stylish, successful young woman and I think that’s still relatively recent face of the animal protection movement were tortured lonely aunt with weather-beaten face, well-groomed hands, in an old jacket, knit cap and well-worn pants.

No, aunt did not disappear, they are very much kept, so honor and praise them, but today the volunteers suddenly went young, fashionable, successful. It is no coincidence that a couple of years ago in social networks launched a flash mob, “Show the world volunteer”, which was attended by hundreds of animal rights activists, mostly girls, not regretting the time and money to help homeless animals. Today it is fashionable. And a lot of cutest pictures of shelter dogs and cats on Instagram is the best proof.

— A year from 300-400 settle down shelter dogs, but about as much, if not more, goes for catching. This is a live pipeline, — says Ksenia. — Five or six years ago, and shelters, and street volunteers and exaggerations were not as many new owners have found here. Of course, it all returns and shoots. So parked the dog, and then sit and subconsciously waiting for a call: “Remember, we have two years ago, took the puppy, and now the situation has changed: we’re moving and can’t take it with you”. The recent crisis has drastically worsened the situation: it became very expensive to keep Pets.

There are European funds that help in pristroystvo our dogs. But when she took a picture of their animal wards and introduced them to the catalogue — did not line up. She realized a lot here is based on personal contacts. Was take the dogs for a charity exhibition of homeless animals, and one day fortune smiled: a dog like Finns.

— Gradually establish contacts with animal welfare organization in Finland, which takes dogs from our shelter, — says Ksenia. — There is serious. The organization enters into a contract with the new owners, meet the dogs and prepares documents. The vet comes from Helsinki, inspects the animals. Scanned the chips filled in the forms that the dog is legally imported. On the import of each animal to a duty.

Of course, to transport animals from Peter and closer, and easier than from Moscow. And since you have to wait until the tailed group of expats to rent a specially equipped bus. Transport is not anyhow any, and with the EU certificates for the carriage of animals across Europe. Along the way, try to visit former shelter dogs that are already safely settled in the West.

■ ■ ■

…Any vet can tell you dozens of sad stories about animals whose owners lead to euthanasia. Not only old and sick dogs and young people who need medical care, and even healthy, because to put it nowhere else. At the same time there are people willing to take those who put a cross. And such stories too much.

Once in the entrance of the house where the volunteer of the Kozhukhovsky shelter, tossed a puppy. The seam across the back and immobility. The same night, she took the foundling to the veterinary clinic. There the dog immediately put in intensive care on a drip. Severe anemia, dehydration, lack of muscle on hind legs. On the x — ray trace of an unsuccessful operation in the pelvic region. Broken bones to collect failed. Cut and stitched…

— We named the girl Bonita drew. Threw cry on social networks. Many people responded to her distress. Even one very popular blogger did a repost. Finally put together a decent amount of money on surgery. Drove to Bonita to different surgeons. No one took. Verdict: it is impossible to operate until the growth areas are not closed. So the remaining money spent on sterilization of homeless animals.

For the whole story, watched a classmate of Xenia, long time living in America. And then made a decision: “We decided to take a Bonito to yourself!” From Moscow to San Francisco flight no. Been looking for an opportunity in Los Angeles, but sooner or later, is a good man willing to arrange a live load on my ticket.

Bonita, California quickly settled on a new home and have learned American dog a bad: rip-off markers and grabbing chickens in the ass.

Ksenia talks about the Longing of that little puppy was in the Kozhukhovsky shelter and was severely bitten by a large dog. Veterinarians took good care of her. In puppy love with Anna Urich, a former Muscovite, now a resident of Amsterdam, and took her with him. Now the Longing turned into a statuesque beauty, leads with his hostess city tours.

Listen to Frol — the unfortunate disability of injury of spinal column with helpless hind legs, which dragged as skiing. The dog lived in a small orphanage in the city of Shchelkovo of volunteer Lilies Savastanoi. Lily is a doctor, and she never understood that the Frol almost no chance to find a family. But a miracle happened, otherwise you will not name, and the dog went to Germany. Now he Janis. The new owner, the German angel, is able in a special way to bandage semi-paralyzed legs, and Frol, that is, Janis, learning to walk on all four. New name — new life.

photo: From personal archive
Frola, now Janis, in Germany, learned to walk.

Another German woman named Anna for 15 years, takes in your house is old and crippled dogs from different countries.

My friend from Germany, who introduced me to this unique woman, once asked: “Who are you the most unhappy? Anne ready to take on!” We have lived in a shelter the dog One (stress on the first syllable), blind in both eyes, the old man with the hernia, obesity, the nature of the real “Buddhist.” The last time he suddenly were socialized, began to walk on a leash. It is clear that no one would take the house. No one but Anna. When the doctor said that One can fly on the plane, we began to prepare him for the road. The rules limit the weight of the four-legged passenger up to 50 kg, and the old boy was on the verge of the admission (plus a heavy cage), but fortunately, he met the standards. In Germany, all family members loved him.

We consider the photos. Here Buddhist imposingly collapsed, and on his warm belly settled a little master’s dog. The dog already learned German, but responds only to the word “spazieren”, that is “walk”. One has only to utter the cherished team, he first jumps in the car. The hostess three times a day, takes out the dogs for a walk in the field. It looks the dog’s happiness.

In fact, poor dogs in shelters — the vast majority. Their world narrowed to the size of the enclosure. And if not for the volunteers who at least occasionally derive animals for a short walk, the dogs would have long forgotten that there is another life, full of interesting smells and new experiences.

Shelter statistics are harsh: of the nine puppies in the best case will survive five. But they can hardly be called lucky. For three or four years in a cage is changing the mentality, and the chance to find the owner.

So when Ksenia from his German girlfriend found out that Anna, who warmed the blind Odin, he died an old dog and have the opportunity to take someone else, she was confused. Whom to choose?

Throw pictures of our dogs, — says Ksenia. — I respond that they are not unhappy. Anna needs those whom no one else will. Send Mona. And all of a sudden? Fingers crossed…

■ ■ ■

Mona — almariya the dog is the daughter of the regiment. In her broken destiny was attended by many volunteers, but most of all Mona was doing her supervisors Natasha and Katya Koroleva Zubenko.

In the shelter she was a puppy, says Natasha. — The whole litter was sick with plague survived only Mona. From the light she pulled Larissa. We call it puppy mom, because she’s fighting for the most hopeless. Mona couldn’t even walk. But things gradually got better. We shot it on video, gave advertising. Puppies still have more chances than old dogs. And in the summer of 2013, the year Mona and I adopted two compassionate women. But it took a month and a half, as they, with tears in her eyes returned: failed to habituate to celebrate things on the street. But still public opinion must have played a role. There were people who began to give advice: “Why are you such a miserable dog? Better get healthy.”

photo: From personal archive
German Anna takes only the most miserable. Mona (right), One (black).

Mona is a special and reverent as “nasadowski” child. She does not tolerate the barking and the noise immediately begins to panic fall. Accustomed to one employee walking behind him by the tail, and if there is a stranger, Mona could have a seizure. The fact that after two years the dog began epilepsy — the consequences of plague. Veterinarian prescribe treatment.

— While the dog is under the care of, well, — said Natasha. — As soon as you begin to regularly give medicines, you should deterioration. We tried to walk with her, provided food: she grew molars, and dry food she is not. In five years, Mona looked old.

The dog had several curators. Volunteers come and go: someone does not maintain loads, some for family reasons: not every husband is willing to accept the fact that his wife lost hours at the shelter.

When a dog is having an epileptic seizure, other animals do not understand what it is, and react differently: some try to help, of course, to finish, — the volunteer tells Ekaterina Zubenko. That happened with Mona. Attacked dog to living in a hospice, she lost a lot of blood. It happened at night. About 40 percent of his body was in terrible wounds. We thought she would not survive, but Mona did. Then the disease worsened. Every three months, were epileptic seizures.

Although Mona contact, kind, very trusting dog, literally clinging to people, the chances of pristroystvo she, of course, was not. Who needs a miserable, half-blind creature with epilepsy, which is twice a day, hourly, we must give expensive drugs?

— Foreign funds sometimes take old people, but when I was told that she was chosen by a German family, I do not believe, — with emotion tells Kate. — Before leaving, I took her to his home to wash, comb… She’s lying quietly in a secluded place and was grateful to “chew” my hands when I stroked her.

To fly Monet impossible. A trip to the common bus she would not have survived.

And then I made the only possible decision: to bring her personally on the machine, — says Ksenia Vasylchenko. — Called Leela Savastanoi. She’s a pediatrician, and can pump out, and a cardiac massage to be done. We went to the social network to collect money for gasoline. A long way to go — more than two thousand kilometers, one-way. Two days was a complete collection. Everyone was worried and waited for the message about Mona.

photo: From personal archive
Ksenia Vasylchenko with one of his players.

Two spectacular blonde with a dog has successfully overcome the city and the country. Mona was asleep in the back seat and looked around. No attack: the dog seemed to feel that he was going home.

Family Anna was, too. Meet Mona came out in full force, including a blind One. Emotions were over the edge. In the video, Mona did not know: for a week, she looked younger, became cheerful and happy. Mastered the ramp, which is practical the Germans have adapted to dogs with disabilities, jumps in the car and goes walking in the field.

— In the West like Russian dogs — smiles Kseniya. — They say that they are special, different from other incredible devotion, good character, a rare wit and beauty. You already have the Russian dogs that take our.

…As we speak, on her Facebook page constantly texting. Someone needs a test, of course, the volunteer child who is in shelter, to check on a dog that wants to “adopt” a family to behave with children. Someone is urgently looking for a car to take a sick dog on an MRI. Someone looking for a companion to Dusseldorf for mutts with a difficult fate…

She complains that the shelter did not have enough hands to feed the cats and dogs out for a walk, socialize. Worried that not enough medicated food for puppies, and 80 percent of kids that fall for catching sick. And the old man in hospice care is never enough old blankets, pillows, mattresses. And ahead of winter. This means that you need to insulate cages. And “high season” puppies — a real autumn memopad. Not life, and honor.

There is such a volunteer aphorism: “Saving one dog won’t change the world…” “But it can change us,” — says Ksenia.

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