In St. Petersburg schoolteacher engaged to a tenth

A scandal broke out in one of the Petersburg schools, where 24-year-old English teacher accused of affair with his student. According to media reports, the pair did not hide their relationship. Moreover, they knew practically the whole school.

Photo: social networks

As the channel 78, a teacher and a sophomore started Dating earlier this year. In their social networks they openly publish photos in which they kiss passionately.

The other picture shows a ring on the ring finger of girls. Judging by the status of young people, they got engaged. The teacher herself is on the page already took the name of the young cavalier.

After this story hit the media, she resigned from school. It is noted that she is currently looking for a job as a tutor.

Note that from the point of view of the law in the relations of pupil and teacher there is nothing wrong, but on the condition that the student has reached 16 years of age.

For example, last year the 28-year-old teacher from the Volgograd region has received two years probation for the novel with the eighth grader, who at that time was 15 years old.

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