Media owners will control through relatives with dual citizenship

To test the relationship between owners and editors of the Russian media will be able Roskomnadzor. To do this, agencies will have access to the databases of the Registrar. This is necessary for the bill developed in the Ministry.


Officials ordered a number of amendments to the Law “On acts of civil status”. The authors of the document in the explanatory Memorandum refer to an article of another Law — “On mass media”. There are talking about the prohibition to foreigners, stateless persons (stateless persons) and the Russians, having in parallel with our also the citizenship of another country, how to control any of the founders of the national media. Foreign guests are not allowed by law to influence the wording of the Russian TV channels, Newspapers and radio stations. Under the influence is understood here as an opportunity not only to own and manage the assets of the media resource, but also to influence its decisions and policies of the publisher. In the Ministry of communications decided that such “agents” can penetrate not only the shareholders and boards of Directors, but in the Holy of holies — the domestic family of the chief editor and journalists. As the authors explain, the relationship can be considered as indirect control. In case of approval of the project by the auditors of the Roskomnadzor will be able to check on the subject of alien citizenship not only husbands and wives of heads of media, but their children (including adopted), parents, full and half-brothers and sisters, and of guardians and wards. In addition, the desire to obtain access to the databases of the registry office officials explain it and care for minors. As explained in Department, the law establishes an extrajudicial procedure of blocking of Internet sites, which disseminate information on victims of crime, children. And in order not to block innocent note, auditors need to check the age of the hero such publication. In them and will help free access to the resources of the Registrar.

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