“Medvedev spoke about the pressure the European Commission to the Russian Federation in connection with the Nord Stream project 2

– The Russian side the intention of the European Commission to extend the application of the Third energy package for Nord Stream project 2 as a way to pressure the Russian side refused from the project, commented to reporters in Manila, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“Our approach to this project remains unchanged, is not a political tool, it is a normal commercial project aimed at ensuring energy security of Europe,” he said.

For loanranger, this project is “not a means of influence of our country on the European countries, as it sometimes serves some of the state and politics.”

“The last time we heard, which came from Brussels, that we need to reassess the criteria for the so-called Third energy package and distribute this package not only for gas pipeline, oil pipeline transportation, which is on the territory of the EU, but also on the power of those that go to the neutral areas on offshore pipelines,” – said Medvedev.

“At least from a legal point of view, this position is highly controversial, not to say absurd, because it is possible to declare the coverage area of any this package the most economic, energy, and anything at all any relationship in the world,” said the Prime Minister.

“In all likelihood still is a way of pressure on our country and some States of the EU to force us to abandon construction of the second line or somehow complicate the work”, – said Medvedev.

As reported in September, “Vedomosti”, the European Commission would like to exclude Gazprom from the management of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”, to distinguish between the roles of the supplier and transiter of gas, thus avoiding the conflict of interest and increasing competition.

Evrokomissiya seeks to extend to the TRANS-Baltic gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2” operation of the rules of the Third energy package, which prohibits to combine in Europe the production and supply of gas possession of gas pipelines. However, the legal grounds for this, so the EC wants to negotiate with Russia about compromise.

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