“Mongolian sumo wrestler sent a colleague to the hospital blow bottle on the head and apologized “for any inconvenience”

Mongolian sumo wrestler Harumafudzi, the holder of the highest title of the professional sumo wrestler, the yokozuna, confessed to the attack on his colleague and compatriot sumo Takanobu, said on Tuesday the Agency “Jiji”.

“I apologize deeply for the inconvenience caused Takinoue, his school, the Japanese Association sumo (YAAS),” said Harumafudzi (real name – Avanemine Byambadorj).

Before any public statements on the issue, the wrestler filed the documents on the output from the current tournament. The sumo Association is investigating the incident.

YAAS announced yesterday that Takenova sumo wrestler (real name – Adegen Baasandorj), which has a lower title than Harumafudzi, was hospitalized with concussion and fracture of the skull base, which will not be able to participate in the ongoing tournament.

During the festive event for the Mongolian sumo Harumafudzi, being intoxicated, got mad at his colleague and hit him with a beer bottle on the head.

Because the yokozuna is the highest and very significant title in professional sumo, YAAS may temporarily or permanently disqualify a Mongolian wrestler during this incident.

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