“Morons are going to pass in the oncoming lane”: the Russian road death

“May 13, 2000. Woman 30-37 years. The condition is extremely serious. There is no consciousness. The heart rate of 60-65 beats/min, weak filling and voltage. The Breath Of Cheyne-Stokes. Face covered with blood… Bleeding from the mouth and nose… shout to the people: “what car is going [to the hospital]?” In response, it was several exclamations (something about the fact that you still die). Husband in hysterics and begging me to take her to the hospital.”

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

“May 27, 2000: “Now this I remember like a bad dream: flying tanker, instinctive care Slavin machine to the right, a cloud of dust, raised drove right wheels on the sand side of the road, the ass end of the car, going into a ditch, pole dirt (machine, hitting back, made a somersault and fell on the roof)…”

These are two quotes from two different reports volunteers for the orphan care team Murzik.ru on trips to orphanages. The first fragment describes how we discovered the overturned (out of the blue, on a straight road) car with the victims, and our attempts to help, which, alas, without success.

In the second story setback is already our car with volunteers, moving in a convoy to the children’s homes of Rybinsk. Due to the fact that the driver lost control of his car flew off the track. Injured and the driver (easy) and the passenger (hard). To the treatment of passengers had to connect to me personally, in the end everything worked out, even a disabled person did not.

As you can see by the dates of the reports, such “adventure” on the road we found a gap of only two weeks!

Imagine all the things I’ve seen in 18 years and more than half a million kilometres of travel in children’s homes? One time I seriously pondered: “And if we were to buy an ambulance to be fully prepared, if anything?”

And it’s not a joke — the number of accidents in our country is that if you ride long distances, each trip is definitely one or two on the way will see.

However, at the time of the accident you get rarely, most of the victims were either taken, or have been watching the cold dead bodies lying on the roadway or trapped in the car. No one to rescue.

Die on our roads just a wild amount of people: every year about 30 000 people! There is even a risk rating of Federal highways, which is based on statistics — the number of deaths per 10 or 100 miles of trails. The leader of last year — the track is A 146 Krasnodar—Verkhnebakansky: claimed 71 lives 150 km away. Thus, the “death index” — almost 50 fatalities per 100 kilometers of road!

In General, Russia, 100 kilometers of roads of Federal highways killed about 12 people. In European countries, at times less, and despite the fact that car there many times more!

What is the reason? Who is to blame?

Despite the fact that we have traditionally blamed the road, I am convinced that the main reason for high mortality rate in road accident in Russia — too many idiots on the road: driving and Hiking!

For example, one time, I often had to ride on the road M 9 “Baltia” (Novorizhskoe highway). From Moscow to Volokolamsk is a gorgeous track, better than the European or American. The traffic there and if there are, then only in the peak hours. However, occasionally ran into terrible traffic jams during the day, when normally you can fly from Krasnogorsk Moscow city centre in 20 minutes. What’s the matter? It turns out that some moron in the traffic flow speed 110 km/h was not enough, he decided “cheap” to play! I attempted to go faster than the speed of the stream, making a sharp changeover from the series in a row. The result — three broken machines, blocked three lanes of the four hour traffic jams. As we can see, the quality of the road is in order. All — themselves!

I could make a collection of video recordings of how some morons are going to pass in the oncoming lane almost to my forehead, so much so that I have to slow down almost to a complete stop or if there is a curb, to leave her. I think everyone who travels a lot driving long distances, was in such situations. But not every driver which is on the opposite lane flew like a kamikaze, you have time to respond quickly. The result is a head-on collision with a pile of corpses!

Frequent cause of the accident was the wrong choice speed mode. Victims of drunken conception, the percentage of which in Russia is very high, not always able to adequately assess the traffic situation, time to adjust and even more time if necessary to reduce speed. In the end, — “not lost control, went off the road, crashed into a tree and died,” “flew into the oncoming lane, having made a head-on collision with moving towards a wagon” and other epitaphs from police reports.

For me personally absolutely crazy driving style of some of our fellow citizens is one of the main factors that markedly reduces the quality of life in Russia. Note: our weak economy, questionable foreign policy power, and the driving style. Because by and large and economic policy, and foreign policy I relate very indirectly, through a number of links, and I have the opportunity to mitigate the impacts, to mitigate negative effects. But with the idiots on the road, I can not do anything! But faced with them every day!

To change something not in my power. Change is something that can only power. And power — Yes, trying to do something. Tougher penalties for traffic violations are also video-recording. But power is not just Vladimir Putin or Dmitry Medvedev, not only the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, the power is simple and gibededeshnik, which is to ensure traffic safety, hiding in the bushes to make money. For safety he doesn’t care. Moreover, sometimes for the sake of its own, unknown, purposes of “law enforcement” just create an emergency situation!

Here, for example, we visited the children’s home in Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov areas — they go after each other, so we rode them along the chain. The length of the “chain”, eleven hundred miles one way. But you need to call in everyone, to unload, to give orphans shoes and clothes with the fitting. At the children’s home takes two to three hours. So, departing from Moscow at 2 a.m., in the third point, in an orphanage “Ship” in the village of Kuznetsovo of the Chkalovsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region (about five hundred kilometers from Moscow), we were somewhere around 17 hours. Having finished at the orphanage all the cases, about seven o’clock we moved forward in the direction of Kirov.

And here we go from the village of Kuznetsovo, winter, dark early, snowstorm — nothing visible, the road with potholes, covered with a snowy mess, and on top of that fog from the nearby reservoir. Of course, I was driving at a speed of 40 km/h because with no headlights, nothing to do with the far nothing really to see, well and pits in a staggered manner — like it or not, will not go round. Of course, in tension, because a big danger with such poor visibility to see pedestrians either standing on the side of the car.

And that seemed like something flashed on the road, but so weak, just barely, because the snowy haze and fog — like it or ukladyvaya, do not understand, thought, or not. Just in case he turned on the second beam. Who knows, he understands — heavy snowfall from the high beam to sense a little: because it is reflected from the snow wall and seen worse than the headlights. Nevertheless, in the-beams kind of like I saw the glint of reflectors on clothes. And true, there are traffic police, and already affably waving his striped stick. Here, I think that people head? Don’t see anything! And if not included, I far light would carry them! And cars can’t see them — flashing beacons are not included, even “emergency signal” are not included!

And I’m tired, because 15 hours during the trip from two nights to seven nights. Forces them to swear not. What is the reason for the stop? A long walk inspector Ageev around the car, looking for something to complain about. Finally found that the rear illumination of the room is not lit! I explained to him: “you are the pits on the road that the fillings out of your teeth povyletali, not that the bulb will crack! Surprised that the lights still burning!” No, was a Protocol to make. The penalty — 500 roubles. As you know, not fine disappointed me, not the money here it is. The question is fundamental: the traffic police, whose main task is to provide road safety, on the contrary, has itself become a source of danger on the road! And for what? For the implementation of the “plan fines”? Or, maybe a bribe was expected? I do not know. But the fact is that “brave” the traffic police of Chkalovsky area (OGIBDD intermunicipal Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia “Gorodetsky”) Nizhny Novgorod region inspector Ageev demonstrated the mismatch position.

I think everyone who travels a lot driving, faced with a similar or like situations.

The conclusion is that whatever the good intentions, neither had the President, the Prime Minister, the government and the State Duma, what would be the correct laws or take, nothing will, until the law and order on the ground will protect such inspector Ageev.

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