“Mutko urged not to dramatize the imminent decision on the status of RUSADA

– Any decision to be taken by the world anti-doping organization (WADA) concerning the restoration of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) does not affect the admission of Russia to the Olympics, said the Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko.

“Tragedy does not have to do this. Any decision not tragic. To tie it to participate in the Olympics is stupid, it’s a different job. Not WADA admits to the Olympic games,” Mutko told Interfax on Tuesday.

He also called to remember what happens with RUSADA currently “all the work is built on the patterns of VAD work of foreign inspectors, we are building an independent system, and then, if after a year or two or three will be abused, will again blame the country?”

Mutko reminded that RUSADA has returned the right testing and planning doping tests. “Full restoration gives you the opportunity to start the rehabilitation of the laboratory, which is still not working. But while the work of foreign inspectors. For athletes quietly restored whether RUSADA in full or not. Incomplete recovery may influence the promotion of new projects. But the whole world is interested in sports competitions held on the territory of Russia. The way we spend – I do not know who else can carry out”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

He also stressed that “we at least began to listen, at the meeting of the WADA will give 10 minutes our representatives will tell about the position of Russia.”

WADA on 15 and 16 November will hold a meeting of the Executive Committee and of the Board of founders, which is expected to take a decision on the possibility of recovery of RUSADA.

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