“Russia – Spain. Online

In St. Petersburg held a friendly match between the Russian and Spanish football players – participants of the 2018 world Cup

Photo: TASS, Oleksandr Demyanchuk

Russia – Spain. 3:3

Russia: Andrey Lunev, Victor Vasin, Georgy Jikia, Fedor Kudryashov (Konstantin Rausch, 75), Denis Glushakov, Daler Kuzyaev (Alexander Erokhin, 62), Yuri Zhirkov (Dmitry Kombarov, 82), Igor Smolnikov (Vladislav Ignatiev, 87), Alan Dzagoev (Alexander Kokorin, 62), Alexey Miranchuk (Anton Miranchuk, 67), Fedor Smolov.

Spain: David de GEA, Nacho fernández, Gerard Pique, Sergio Ramos (Vitolo, 58), Jordi Alba (Alberto Moreno, 46), Sergio Busquets (Spain’s David Silva, 58), Andres Iniesta (Asier, Illaramendi, 46), Thiago Alcantara (soul, 60), Suso (josé Callejón, 46), Marco Asensio, Rodrigo Moreno.

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And here the final whistle. Russia – Spain – 3:3!


Glushakov kicked the ball into the box – not very successfully. But the ball from our


The goalkeeper of Russian national team in the remaining before the final whistle time becoming a midfielder “Spartacus” Denis Glushakov


Three minutes added time second half


Andrey Lunev take away from the field on a stretcher to the applause


Rodrigo went one on one with Lunev, our goalkeeper desperately rushed forward and was injured. Suffered and Rodrigo. But he is heavier. He will be using. Quota exhausted


So the Russians were compared to the score

.@sportexpress Smolov @smolovfedor_90 – double! Stunning goal #Rossiyane – 3:3 pic.twitter.com/WTvij3y3aS

— Premier League⚽ app🏆 (@rfpl) 14 Nov 2017


Vladislav Ignatiev came on for Igor Smolnikov


The goalkeeper caught the ball!


Fedor Smolov gets in focus in a shot of the Spanish national team after the transfer of Alexander Kokorin!….


Kombarov tamed the ball sent to his left flank partner, thereby continuing the attack


Dmitry Kombarov went on for Yuri Zhirkov


Counterattack of Spaniards – Smolnikov interrupted


A dangerous cross from Zhirkov – defenders cleared the ball for a corner


The side brought the ball to the Spaniards. But we continue to attack


Kokorin shot down nine metres from the penalty area near the right flank of the attack. Standard!


Either way the game goes


Konstantin Rausch is Fedor Kudryashov came in the national team of Russia


“RUSSIA! RUSSIA!” – screaming fans! And they are:

In the match @TeamRussia @SeFutbol 4⃣5⃣4⃣8⃣0⃣fans

Test match. #Rossiyane #RUSESP 2:3 pic.twitter.com/qm8GtTGYvX

— Premier League⚽ app🏆 (@rfpl) 14 Nov 2017


Effective attack was held by the Russians. Kokorin from the penalty knocked the ball on Smolov and he struck almost at the centre of the goal with his shot, Spain goalkeeper failed!


— Russian national team (@TeamRussia) 14 Nov 2017




Russia – Spain. 3:3


Wow! Zhirkov goes close with a header after a cross from the left flank (after the standard) – the goalkeeper De GEA with difficulty pulled the ball from under the crossbar!


The Spaniard Vitolo has been yellow-carded for a rough tackle.


Anton Miranchuk replaced by his brother Alexis


Lunev captured the attack after the opponent one on one!


And Alexander Erokhin came out instead of Daler kuziaev’s


We waited for the replacement in the part of the Russians: Aleksandr Kokorin, Alan Dzagoev instead


Soul instead Tyagi Alcantara came in the part of the Spaniards,


David Silva came on for Sergio Busquets, but He too is Sergio, but Ramos


It’s a shame, of course: only recouped – and you


Sergio Ramos once again converted a penalty in gate of Russians. Spain took the lead


Russia – Spain. 2:3


The referee spotted a foul by the Russians in the penalty area


What? Again penalty against the national team of Russia?


Yuri Zhirkov from the front line wanted to shoot in the penalty area from the left, the ball almost flew into the corner, but still bounced into the corner of the penalty area, where Alexey miranchuk has punched in a near corner. Well done, Russians! MO-LO-DTSY!


GOOOOOOOOOOOAL! The Russian team bounced back!


Russia – Spain. 2:2


Our attempt to find happiness in attack


Left, Alberto Moreno, Asier, Illaramendi, José Callejón. Stopped playing Jordi Alba, Andres Inies and Suso


The Spaniards already three replacements. Now slowly we will clarify who is and who was replaced


The second half, eh? Started!


The first half ended. Before meeting in the second half, comrades!

⏱ ¡Descanso en San Petersburgo! ¡45 minutos por delante para refrendar la victoria tras una buena primera mitad! #VamosEspaña 💪🏻 pic.twitter.com/bCyQU8fxgm

— Selección Española de Fútbol (@SeFutbol) November 14, 2017


A series of attacks of the Russian team. The bumps are and in the distance (hitting her) and a little less long distance. The Spanish team is a bit confused


LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Russian national team played one goal! Miranchuk delicately laid the ball on the penalty line Smolowe, he made deceptive movement and at the same time shifted the ball from one foot to the other and shot into the goal past the defenders and goalkeeper!

Fedor Smolov is on a 1:2 pic.twitter.com/nsP5iPb8SP

— Russian national team (@TeamRussia) 14 Nov 2017


Russia – Spain. 1:2


Bad attack of Russians. I would even say that more than good! Smolov touch led Glushakova one on one! Alba prevented Glushakov to the ball and knocked the ball for a corner


Limits to the joy of Spaniards do not exist

¡GOOOOOOL DE ESPAÑAAAA! ¡Marca @SergioRamos de penalti!
🇷🇺 – 🇪🇸 | 0-2 | 34′ | #VamosEspaña 💪🏻 pic.twitter.com/VN1aSKgIgj

— Selección Española de Fútbol (@SeFutbol) November 14, 2017


Sergio Ramos ran away, stopped (which is not encouraged by the rules), and then punched precisely in a corner. The Spaniards strengthened the advantage


Russia – Spain. 0:2


Kuzyaev has played a shoulder with the ball, rocky (the judge) considered that it was a handball. Discourage if Lunev strike?


However, the penalty against the national team of Russia….


Miranchuk strikes from outside the penalty area, got to the Peak. Defense of the Spanish team out of desperation, knocking the ball away, hit the hand of Glushakova. The referee has fixed a foul by the Russians


Rodrigo hit the wall, our knocked the ball forward, and on the corner near his gate. He, fortunately, a goal in our gate has not led


Free-kick are preparing to break the Spaniards, with semi-circle square, the center of the goal


Two and a half goal scoring opportunities were created by the Russians. But not scored. It is a pity, for example, that Glushakova has been blocked a shot from outside the penalty area


Our and repulsed, and began a counterattack, and lost the ball and allowed the opponent to punch, and… Lunev did not let the ball cross the goal line. The goalkeeper caught the ball!


The Spaniards are preparing to hold the standard on the right flank of the attack


The Spaniards are preparing to hold the standard on the right flank of the attack


Do not think for a hobby to sprinkle wounds with salt, but here’s a video of team Russia:

.@sportexpress Spain Russia scored in the first attack. Jordi Alba – scorer #Rossiyane 0:1 9′ pic.twitter.com/JSQX4JGzz4

— Premier League⚽ app🏆 (@rfpl) 14 Nov 2017


Smolov nearly stuck the ball in the opponent with the center of the box. It is a pity that the ball flew past him, he was not able to touch the projectile


Played our standard, the right of the shot was entrusted Glushakov – he hit the wall


Oh, our earned right to a penalty – line (eight meters) square, the Russians downed Smolov. Buckets did not like the arbitrator’s decision, he quarreled with him and received a yellow card


Our attack


The reaction on Twitter of the Spanish team on goal against the Russians

¡¡¡GOOOOOOOOL DE ESPAÑA!!! ¡Gooooool de @JordiAlba para poner por delante a España en el marcador!
🇷🇺 – 🇪🇸 | 0-1 | 9′ | #VamosEspaña pic.twitter.com/NcjadePDxA

— Selección Española de Fútbol (@SeFutbol) November 14, 2017


Fans of the Russian team (not the hospital) sang “Katyusha”


Sorry, missed it. But this is only the beginning (of the match), the time to win is still there


Russian players missed. This Alba headed into the far corner after a cross from the left flank. Business…


Russia – Spain. 0:1


Smolnikov from the right flank with a low shot sent the ball into the penalty area, where he opened Smolov. Fedor had to substitute leg. He tripped, while in district 11-meter mark. By! And before him there was nobody!


This time our lost!!!


Attack and the Spanish national team – Suso shot from outside the penalty area. Or rather, she tried to punch. The ball easily landed in the hands of the goalkeeper Luneva


Bad attack of Russians, sweeping like that. Zhirkov shot to the left into the penalty area, the ball bounced outside the penalty area. The selection was kuziaev, who struck the crossbar, much higher.


From the depth of field followed by a presentation on the attack at the edge which turned out to be the halfback of CSKA. Alan flicked the ball in front of him and fell, seemingly as a result of contact with the pursuing army Nacho. A penalty has not been appointed.


The release of Alan Dzagoev, one-on-one with the goalkeeper!


Our play in the red and white kit, the opponents – in white

We have the captain Fedor Smolov, they have Sergio Ramos


The match is underway! Sounded the starting whistle of the Italian Gianluca rocky!

The hymns!

Teams out on the field!!!

The game is about to begin!

The football team of Spain is carefully listening to the speech played in this country ex-the player of Russian national team Valery Karpin

Valery Karpin, the bench of the Spanish team pic.twitter.com/zmWsiKXIxG

— Russian national team (@TeamRussia) 14 Nov 2017

Messi is not playing

In Krasnodar play teams of Argentina and Nigeria (well, it happened). Nigeria wins 4:2.

Here is the national team of Spain!

⚠ OFICIAL | ¡11 elegidos para buscar la victoria y acabar 2017 invictos! ¡¡A POR ELLOS!! #VamosEspaña 💪🏻🇪🇸 pic.twitter.com/WYMpuMiRs8

— Selección Española de Fútbol (@SeFutbol) November 14, 2017

So Mutko commented on the final defeat of the Italian national team from Sweden and absence from the first to the 2018 world Cup for the first time in 60 years. “It’s a sport, so the Swedes wanted it more”, he added.

“When I was in Rostov (where Ibrahimovic in the “Manchester United” played “Rostov”), then said to him: “Welcome to the world Cup.” In plain English, of course. He said that more for the national team of Sweden will not be speaking. I replied that he is not for Sweden to play offer, and for the Russian national team. Offered him our passport,” – said Mutko.

CALMLY (calmly!) – as a joke!

Spoke Frome hiz HART https://t.co/MqHeBkK46D

— Interfax-space (@cosmos_today) 14 Nov 2017

In anticipation of the national team of Spain, we inform you that the Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko has suggested to the Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic to appear in the world Cup for Russia.

The starting lineup of the national team of Russia on football!

Video from the locker room of the Russian national team

Welcome to the locker room @TeamRussia! All ready to play! pic.twitter.com/deeckc6dNQ

— Russian national team (@TeamRussia) 14 Nov 2017

Spain is a world champion once and European champion three times. Russian national team – bronze medalist of the European championship. But prior to her, the USSR national team once won the European championship and three times became the silver prize-winner. The ceiling at the world Cup in fourth place.

Let’s look at the FIFA rankings. The Spanish team is now here in eighth place. Team Russia on the 65th.

But back to our match. On the match predictions

Bookmakers named Spain as the favorite of the match. https://t.co/ONVpSORZKv

— Interfax (@interfax_news) 14 Nov 2017

In the Italian national team became the winner of the 2006 FIFA world Cup. Juventus, whose colors (and gates too) defends to this day, is 10x Italian champion, three-time winner of the Italian Cup, five times in the super Cup. Went out three times in the final of the Champions League, and once managed to win a Series In the second division of Italian football. There Juventus exiled for some corrupt antics of the club. Buffon and a number of its partners, team not turned away and helped her to return to Serie a is the main division of Italian football.

Have Buffon and achievements in the European competitions – not in the “Juventus” and “Parma” – he won the UEFA Cup in 1998/99. In the final, held in Moscow “Luzhniki” (!), Parma defeated Marseille 3-0 victory.

Buffon is a legend.

Buffon, by the way, after the match with Sweden when it became known that Italy had not qualified for the world Cup, gave an interview to journalist compatriot. Burst into tears and said that ties with the games for the national team.

According to reports (colleagues) in social networks, many regret that it happened. Particularly from users of a shame about the goalkeeper of the national team of Italy Gianluigi Buffon, who was not destined to finish his career in the national team in Russia. In Russia he began. In the text, which is reproduced below, one and a half lines devoted to this.

Well, no, of course she can come, unofficially, to see a couple of world Cup matches, for example. But not to play.

Don’t even try to find in this list the Italian national team. She couldn’t win in the play-offs in Sweden and the 2018 world Cup, therefore, will not come.

To date known 29 (of 32) participants of the 2018 world Cup. In addition to the team of Russia, which as the hostess of the tournament came on automatically, they are Brazil, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Belgium, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Germany, England, Spain, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Poland, Egypt, Iceland, Serbia, France, Portugal, Panama, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Switzerland, Croatia, Sweden.

Recently the Russians played with the Argentina and, alas, lost

The meeting will be held at the stadium “Sankt-the Petersburg arena” and will begin at 21:45 Moscow time

The national team of Russia on football today will be held a control match. This time – against the national team of Spain. “Interfax” offers to your attention a text broadcast of this confrontation.

Good evening all!

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