Shevkunov told about the relationship with the President: Putin’s Confessor does not exist

Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop Tikhon (Georgy Shevkunov), whom the media called the Confessor of President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with journalist Zoe Light said, as relates to this definition of their relationship with the head of state. According to him, he “has the good fortune to be personally a little familiar” with Putin, but no more.


With the statement that he knows Vladimir Putin, vicar of Patriarch Kirill did not argue: “Well, who we do not know him?” However, he does not call himself the spiritual father of the President and “do just a little knows” it. According to Shevkunov, Putin has the opportunity to consult not only with him but other competent people “from Patriarch to the ordinary priests.” In addition, the head of state is Balaam communicates with clergy of mount Athos.

If you mean the Confessor as a kind of “evil personality” influencing the President, then such a person, according to Shevkunov, does not exist in nature.


“At least because the President, and it is well known, does not tolerate any direct or indirect attempts to influence him,” – said Bishop Tikhon.

On the question of whether it helps the fact that the media is calling him the spiritual father of the head of state, Shevkunov noticed that not pay attention to it.

Note that even in 2001, “Izvestiya” wrote on how crossed the road Archimandrite Tikhon and the new President of Russia. In recognition Shevkunov, Putin once came to him in the temple, because the monastery is not far from his former employment.

In recognition of the priest, he knows the journalist who first called him the Confessor of Putin and treat him with respect, but then, 16 years ago, was “terribly annoyed”.

Interview published on “Radio Liberty”. From the originally planned publication on the website of Khodorkovsky “Open Russia” the vicar of the Patriarch refused.

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