Soccer world Cup: Italian team flew past the world Cup

I have no doubt that the final whistle the Spanish referee Mateu Laos, made in Milan, the stadium “Giuseppe Meazza” in the night from Monday to Tuesday, forced to cry not only of the legendary Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and Italian myself, but thousands of fans of “Azzurra was gained in” around the world. Great 39-year-old captain of Juventus and the Italian national team Gigi, thanks unacceptable after an away defeat in Stockholm (0:1) draw on your field in the match against Sweden, lost the chance to put in his brilliant career, a beautiful point at the world Cup, where he had a chance to set several records, to claim the title of eternal.

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Remember the name of the modest midfielder Greek club AEK Jacob Johansson, because he was the author of the only ball that tipped the scales in the struggle between Italy and Sweden for a place at the world championship side last. The Italians for the first time in the last 60 years do not take part in the world championship, and Buffon was quick to announce the completion of a career in the national team. We will remind that earlier national had hung up his boots and the star player of the national team of Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And it would be very unfortunate if in the light of recent events, the forward of “Manchester United” won’t change your mind. Short of a world championship, not only Italians, but Ibrahimovic would have been a bust.

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Is not the first time the national team, which is usually referred to favorites, remains of the world Cup. Only the Brazilians, five times won the title of world Champions, has never missed the tournament, taking part in all 20 world Championships. The same Italians, in their time, became the first representative of Europe who raised over a head the Cup of the world Champions, took part in the first world Cup in Uruguay (1930), and in 1958, could not overcome the qualifying round, where they skipped forward in Northern Ireland. The German team, sharing with the Italians in second place in the list of regulars at the world Championships, as well as many others, decided to abandon the heavy pilot travel came in 1930 in Montevideo and was absent in 1950 in Brazil. Germany and Japan were not admitted to the qualifying tournament as teams from different countries, started world war II.

Missed the championship 4 Argentina, 5 Mexico, England, France and Spain — 6. So periodically on the main football competition someone is missing from the tops Yes. Adds salt to the fact that the Italian team was the only team from the number of wins in the world cups that will not come to Russia. But is it a big loss?

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After it became known that the Italian team was not selected for the world championship, there was a feeling that the fan”, Italy squadra Azzurra” in Russia can be found almost under every Bush. A powerful stream of sorrow and compassion for the Italians nearly got washed away a social network. A huge number of people wanted to cry with Gigi Buffon and friendly to Pat the goalkeeper on his virtual shoulder. There is talk that the great tournament in Russia will not be for the simple reason that a significant part of world football will remain in Italy.

But I dare say that the collective mourning for “squadra saw Italy” in the first place is not due to mass love of Italian football as such, and loss fans of one of the most constant attributes of the world Championships — the national team of Italy, which has long been in football history a much larger phenomenon than just the glorious and award-winning team. This is one of the most respected and prominent brands in world football, in fact guaranteeing a high level spectacle. But how relevant the talk about the high cost of the brand today?

Say, stars? But the new Del Piero, Roberto Baggio and Francesco Totti in the team in recent years and has not appeared. Football veteran Buffon is the only Italian who in recent years seriously could claim the title of best footballer on the planet. Behind him is the abyss. Itself the Italian team at the last two world Championships, was unable to overcome the group stage in Brazil in 2014, the team Cesare Prandelli, nicknamed the Mafia, together with the British ceded trips to the playoffs, teams Costa Rica and Uruguay, and in 2010 in South Africa, the Italians in the status of the reigning Champions merocrine disgraced, finishing in last place, not winning in three matches, and never behind Paraguay, Slovakia and even New Zealand.

In qualifying for the 2018 world Cup qualifying tournament agonizing way of the Italians not to call. The format of the tournament was played against Giampiero Ventura a cruel joke — not the most representative list of rivals, which was attended by the national teams of Albania, Israel, Macedonia and Liechtenstein, included a “black mark” in the face of the Spanish team, in matches where Italy and lost 4 out of 6 points in qualifying. In the second place, the qualification playoffs and zero goals in two play-offs against Sweden. Given that this fall the Italians managed to win in 6 official matches only twice (both times with the score 1:0), with a total difference of scored and conceded goals 3:5, the result of meetings with the national team of Sweden can hardly be called sensational. The “squadra Azzurra” long rolled into the abyss, which as a result failed. Another thing is that not even the best as the Italians usually are able in the time needed to gather and achieve a positive outcome. As it was, for example, recently, at Euro 2016, where Italy withdrew from the race at the first stage of the playoffs of the Spaniards, but in the quarterfinals lost in the finals to eventual winners Germany only in the penalty shoot-out. Italy is a really expensive brand, to significantly reduce the cost of the shares of which are unlikely even the fact for the first time in 60 years, missing the world Cup. And of course, this team will be missed at the world Cup.

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But if the sad story of the Italian national team — the history of football, dangling on the last rung of the way Buffon on record, the 6th goalkeeper to the world Cup is already a personal tragedy. He is Buffonish as once called Gigi commentator George Cherdantsev. Thanks to its unique performance in goal, the word “slapstick” has acquired a new meaning, a meaning in football terminology, not the silly behavior in the gate, and the outstanding play of goalkeeper. Agree, this personalization is well worth it.

He can not complain career, during which he had become a world and European champion, 10 times to win the Serie A, to collect a lot of personal prizes… the Only trophy that have not yet obeyed the Buffon — the Champions League trophy. Three Gianluigi stormed with Juventus this height, getting to the final, but all three attempts were not successful. Of course, Buffon is not the first star to miss the world championship due to missing his team in the final stage. The legendary Welshman, Ryan Giggs and did not have a chance never to play against Wales at the world championship. Sports similar fate and George Weah. Won’t see the 2018 world Cup we and Alexis Sanchez, flown together with the national team of Chile by the world Cup is not without the aid of agreed national teams of Colombia and Peru, sgorevshij easy draw in the final round. In the style of Giggs and Weah risk to spend his career in the national team of Gabon is one of the fastest players on the planet Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Small chance to succeed in the international arena the Armenian Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Russia will not be Gareth Bale, Edin džeko, Marek Hamšík, David Alaba and Arda Turan. A beautiful point in his career could be a Russian world Cup and Arjen Robben.

But personal drama Buffon even against this background cannot but touch a nerve. The player, who proved their devotion to football and his beloved club, who gave the team all its forces, preparing to set on the FIFA world Cup several eternal records as no one else has earned the right to play at the world championship. But will not play. Gigi after the final whistle, already mentioned Mateu Laos talked about the shame that his last match for the national team coincided with the defeat of the Italians at the world Cup. But how is this the fault of the goalkeeper? It just looks like the main victims, cry with which in the night from Monday to Tuesday wanted to thousands and thousands of adult men, which can hardly be accused of excessive sentimentality.

The Egypt goalkeeper Essam El-hadary, who himself won the right to play for the first time at the world Cup in 44 years, as no one else felt the pain of Buffon: “Just can’t find the words. Buffon is a legend of world football. Will try with his presence at the tournament to somehow compensate for his absence. I am sure that all goalkeepers at the world Cup will play for Gianluigi”.


Goalkeeper: Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)

Defense: Giorgio Chiellini (Italy), David Alaba (Austria), Daley Blind (Holland)

Midfield: Arjen Robben (Holland), Arda Turan (Turkey), Alexis Sánchez (Chile), Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Armenia), Gareth Bale (Wales)

Attack: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon), Edin Dzeko (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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