Telephone terrorism will make a particularly serious crime

Telephone terrorism is not just disorderly conduct, it a crime worthy of severe punishment. So according to deputies of the Moscow city Duma offered to retrain the composition of this crime in rank very serious. And I think they are so not on an empty place. Since 2009, the number of false messages about imminent terrorist attacks is steadily increasing. All this translates into millions of rubles of losses and sea mental suffering. The capital Duma members intend to appeal to the state Duma with the initiative to toughen punishment for telephone terrorism to criminal imprisonment for the term from six years and above.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As everyone knows, this autumn swept the country a wave of anonymous phone messages about the alleged impending terrorist attacks. Not this Cup and Moscow, and even city Council — bullies, and who bigger made it to the parliamentary complex, including the building, which houses the office of the Commissioner for human rights in the capital. In addition, victims of telephone terrorists have become the shopping and business centers, schools, hotels, hostels, authorities, houses, etc.

October 6, FSB Director said that the damage from false calls for Russia this year has exceeded 300 million rubles — and that’s not counting loss of business and the city economy.

In Moscow, the damage, according to conservative estimates, has reached 150 million. But they say that this figure does not quite match reality. According to the head of Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow Alexey Chernikov, from the actions of phone terrorists only this fall have suffered more than 250 thousand people, and the peak of the threats occurred in the period from 13 September to 1 October. According to the Deputy chief of management of FSB across Moscow and Moscow region Andrei Yatsenko, “the number of messages received in Moscow in the current year increased by 67.3% and amounted to 1066 calls. The news of the terrorist attacks affected more than 350 objects.”

New trend — most often telephone terrorists calling with ip numbers from abroad (Turkey, Ukraine, etc.) that excludes the version of the bullying kids who want to disrupt a lot of homework. Intelligence agencies suspect that it may even be associated with international terrorist groups.

Today’s punishment (the penalty to 200 thousand rubles; the deprivation of liberty for a term up to 5 years) telephone terrorists will not stop. Therefore, experts believe that it is necessary to make changes to the 206-th article of the criminal code and to translate this crime into the category of particularly serious, which will increase the punishment to imprisonment for a term of 6 years. With this proposal the capital Duma intend to address to colleagues from the state Duma. In addition, members believe that it is necessary to conduct educational work among teenagers (the kids still call when in school control) and to educate them in the spirit of good and positive. Sounded and proposals to require phone of terrorists to compensate for the departure of the security services at the place of call.

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