“The bookies have called Spain the favorite of the match.

– The national team of Spain on football is a favorite of the friendly match against the national team of Russia, experts of the company “Rating Bookmakers”.

The coefficient on the victory of the Spaniards is 1.56, the success of the Russians is 6.07 (draw – 4,08).

Bookmakers say that the background of Argentines who earlier beat the Russians in Moscow with the score 1:0, Spain looks stronger opponent.

“Spain is in good shape, the team has qualified for the world Cup from the first place in their group. In turn, Argentina barely qualified for the world championship. So the Spaniards are regarded as a serious rival,” – said “Interfax” expert “Rating Bookmakers” Nikolai Solovyov.

The most likely outcome of the game, according to experts, it is a victory of Spaniards with the account 1:0 (the current ratio of 6.32), 2:0 (6,66) and 1-1 (6,87).

The match Russia – Spain (“Interfax” will conduct a text broadcast of the meeting) will be held in St. Petersburg on Tuesday and will start at 21:45 GMT. Both teams are participants of the 2018 world Cup, which will be held in Russia.

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