“The Central Bank is going to develop a mechanism for the change of ownership of NPF

– The Central Bank of the Russian Federation considers it necessary to consider the creation of a mechanism of change of ownership of non-state pension funds (NPF), if the Fund cannot meet its obligations, said the Director of the Department of collective investment and trust management of securities Philip Gabunia.

He noted that, by law, upon the occurrence of events such as bankruptcy, ban on operations or revocation of license within 30 days of the NPF needs to return pension accumulation of citizens to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. In this sector private pension funds was a serious consolidation, and it continues.

“A large Fund, which shall, within 30 days to liquidate the portfolio with a volume of 500 billion rubles, will create our market rather big financial crisis. We do not sell directly, but through a special loan Fund of ASV will be given the money, we get a monstrous stuffing liquidity, which will lead to other negative consequences. Most likely, due to the fact that the number of institutions is not very large, will need to think about how to institutionalize some of the conservation Institute, the ability to force a change of ownership in the mismanagement that led to such events,” – said Gabunia at the scientific-practical conference of the Central Bank.

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