The foster mother Magadan boy made him a cripple for the sake of benefit

Shocking story about the boy Valerie Kondaurova who starved adoptive parents, again has been developed. The investigative Committee has charged a resident of Magadan Liubov Korotkova. It is accused at once under two articles — part 4 of article 159.2 and paragraph “b” of part 2 of article 111 of the criminal code (infliction of grievous bodily harm to a child and fraud in obtaining benefits). In total, Lyubov faces a sentence of up to 11 years. The court a preventive measure in the form of detention until 11 January 2018: now Korotkova placed in a Moscow jail.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

Recall that Love was introduced to all of Valera as a sick child, and constantly took him for treatment. Once again in Moscow, the doctors suspected something was wrong. The boy invited the psychologist, where he admitted that the foster mother does not feed him and constantly gives a laxative. Later this psychologist, Svetlana Suleymanova, and became the new guardian mom Valera. However, for this she had to struggle all summer: Magadan stubbornly refused to give Svetlana custody. Now the words of the boy were confirmed by the investigation: foster mother deliberately made him disabled to receive benefits.

From the beginning this story was engaged in the office of the Ombudsperson under the RF President on the rights of the child, Anna Kuznetsova personally met Valera. Exclusive interview with “MK” gave Maxim Lazin, Advisor to the Federal children’s Ombudsman, which handled the case.

– Are you surprised by the charges? Was the version that both Korotkov will be charged with attempted murder?

– Honestly, I thought the prosecution to present both spouses. But, apparently, the investigative Committee has evidence of guilt only Liubov Korotkova. Let me remind you that according to the existing laws of our country the husband and wife have the right not to testify against each other, which, apparently, have used Korotkova. In any case, I’m glad justice is done.

– Was the message that Love Korotkova suffers from mental illness. In this case, it can avoid a real punishment?

The diagnosis was not made officially. Has speculated Nina Asanova, a well – respected child psychiatrist, who in his practice has seen similar cases. As far as I know, it is not examined Korotkova, not tested and not even examined. The assumption she made based on observations of the mother and short communication. Moreover, the defendant passed two examination in Magadan, which proved that she is completely mentally healthy and sane. In this case, she will be responsible before the law as a mentally healthy person.

– You communicate with Svetlana Suleymanova, who took the boy to their family? What about Valera?

– Of course, we are in constant communication. Now Valera is gaining weight, growth caught up with 8-year-old child. He recently turned 12 years old. At this time children already enrolled in grades 5-6. In connection with pedagogical neglect he is still only catching up with their peers. Svetlana deals with it on an individual school curriculum. Valera also still require sessions with psychologists.

– Is there any reaction from the custody of Magadan on the news of the conclusion Korotkova into custody?

– No reaction not done. The guardianship of the city of Moscow has received a request from colleagues from Magadan to conduct a regular inspection of the living conditions of Svetlana Suleymanova and interviews with juvenile ward, that is Valera.

– There was information that showed up biological parents Valera. The mother reported that she was illegally deprived of parental rights while she was in prison, father never confirmed his paternity. It seems that they both now expect to communicate with the boy.

– Yes, it was. Parents have indeed been observed, while there was a consequence. Valera refused to communicate with them. Now, according to Svetlana, they did not make themselves known. As someone deprived of parental rights must parse the result and the court to decide. I recall that in respect of guardianship and guardianship of Magadan Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case under article “Negligence”. While Valerie does not want to hear the word “Magadan”, it had been associated with hell, he says he wants to live in Moscow with Svetlana.

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