The mystery of the crash: crashed in the Khabarovsk territory the aircraft less than two years

Thursday announced in Khabarovsk territory day of mourning in memory of the six victims – two pilots and four passengers in the crash of a passenger aircraft L-410, what happened at the landing 2 km from the airport of the village Nelkan the Ayano-Maysky district. Survived the crash only girl 3.5 years, received closed cherepno-a brain trauma and a fractured tibia. Her plane was immediately taken to the regional hospital of Khabarovsk.


A criminal case under article of the criminal code “Violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons.” The investigation team working on the scene, seized samples of fuel and documentation of the FSUE “kgup “the Khabarovsk aveline”, which owned the crashed plane, EN route Khabarovsk – Nikolaevsk-on-Amur — Nelkan. The “black boxes” of the crashed L-410 will be transported to the lab MAC to decrypt.

And that’s what did you learn the “MK” directly from representatives of the government familiar with the situation. As told by one of the experts (he asked me to do without a link), the new aircraft – according to some media reports, it is alleged, was purchased in 2013. In fact, the crashed L-410 was released in 2015. Its manufacturer Aircraft Industries, the Czech (formerly Czechoslovak) aircraft company. That is, it emphasizes the source of “MK”, machine authentic is made exactly the same firm, which from the beginning were engaged in the manufacture of these machines. Plaque of the aircraft commander, who ruled this L-410 – 17,000 hours. The weather at the time of the accident was good. Temperature 24-26 degrees, the lower edge of clouds – 900 – 950 metres, winds of 21 km/h.

According to the source “MK”, the plane crashed over 600-800 meters to the strip. According to eyewitnesses, just before the fall were recorded by a roll to the right. With this roll, he collided with the ground.

The reasons for this, experts say, are not clear. It is only known that distress, reports of any failures, the crew during landing or immediately before the crash, did not pass.

All, said our source, since the beginning of 1991 on the territory of our country took place on 11 aircraft disasters of this type.

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