The parents of the rescued children wrote a farewell letter to the deceased driver

“In a matter of seconds Sergei took the only right decision and saved the lives of 44 people…” the Parents of the rescued children from Yekaterinburg wrote a farewell letter to the deceased bus driver. Sergei Blokhin was carrying children on a tour of the “Golden ring”, when the secondary road, through the double continuous strip, flew a 20—ton truck. Sergei could turn the wheel and roll into the ditch. But, not wanting to risk the lives of children, it exposed the driver’s cabin.

Sergei Blokhin. Photo: social networks.

About what happened on the track the evening of November 8, said the “MK” Commissioner for the rights of the child in Yaroslavl region, Mikhail Krupin.

-8 Nov Sergey Blokhin was driving a bus with children. Children from Ekaterinburg with five chaperones traveled to the “Golden ring”, – says Mikhail Nazarov. – It was a talented children at the age from 14 to 16 years who participated in the historical, literary competitions and the Olympic games, and won prizes. Also on the bus were boys from poor families. The trip was organized by the Ministry of culture according to the national program “My Russia”. For the guys this trip was award.

It was already night-time, 17 hours of “a penny”. From the road, on a 194-kilometer road M8, near the village of Porech’ye, through the double continuous strip flew 20 — ton dump truck. Sergei had a choice, either to try to go on a tangent, substitute a blow of the driver’s cab or brake, turn and leave in a ditch. In the second case, all 44 people on the bus could receive injuries and may die. The driver knew it., and decided to sacrifice his life. He managed to shout to them: “Hold on,” and took the hit. After a terrible collision Sergey still managed to open, unlock the doors to the bus, as they were automatic. Released children.

Of the traffic police cut with special tools from the pile of crumpled metal. At the beginning of the next day he died in the hospital. The truck flipped over and flew into the ditch, Sergey managed to keep the bus on the road. Light injuries to 16 children, their life is not in danger.

What do we know about the driver — hero?

Sergei hails from the Yaroslavl region, Rostov district. He was 40 years old, driving experience — 22 years of which 12 years he was transporting children. Sergei is survived by his wife Victoria and three children. The eldest son is now serving in the army, and the youngest child is only 9 years old.

Very heavy was the funeral. November 10 at parting with Sergey Blokhin attended by 400 people. Cried both adults and children. At the beginning of the memorial service, parents of rescued students read a letter. They understood that their children could die or become disabled.

-Sergey Blokhin going to submit to the award?

-Yes, we are preparing the relevant documents. I believe that the man who saved 44 lives, worthy of the title of Hero of Russia.

Who was driving the truck?

Is the driver of 32 years, he is now detained. On this fact criminal case is brought. The court arrested him, he partially admitted his guilt.

The Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev, in turn, expressed readiness to help the family of the deceased driver.

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