The Russian priest was thrown into Belarusian prison for the escort of prostitutes

The strange story of the prosecution in Belarus, the Russian priest from Leningrad region in pimping ended sentence. The court of Chyhunachny district of Vitebsk sentenced the 39-year-old father Nikolai Kireyev, who was detained in the company of women of easy virtue at the bus station of the Belarusian city to 5 years and 6 months imprisonment in a strict regime colony with confiscation of property.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Requests of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Belarusian Orthodox Church to thoroughly investigate this matter is not helped, as well as was not able to convince the judges of the innocence of the priest-lawyer Alexander Zheleznikov, known for many high-profile cases. After hearing the verdict, Nikolay Kireev once again said that he does not plead guilty to that were going to get to St. Petersburg of women for prostitution. However, the Belarusian court is convinced of the opposite. So what are the arguments of the investigation influenced the judges.

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The story around the “priest-pimp” started to swirl in August of this year, when the wife of the priest said about the loss of her husband, went on a pilgrimage tour of the suburban monasteries. Father left home August 2, his last phone call home was the 3 numbers, he said that he was going in the Moscow region Istra, resurrection new Jerusalem monastery. Then disappeared and didn’t contact. A few days later the priest showed up in a Belarusian jail. As originally reported, Belarusian law enforcement authorities, the priest was arrested during the RAID in anticipation of the den. Supposedly the priest was going to take out a few prostitutes to work in Saint Petersburg…

This news plunged the family priest and all the parishioners of the Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul in poselok imeni Morozova , where he served as Nikolai Kireyev, in shock. Father Nicholas served in the house since 2002 and nothing wrong with him all this time was not found. That modest and quiet the priest could lead a double life, neither believed the villagers nor his ecclesiastical superiors, or even former classmates who found St. Petersburg’s journalists trying to find out the truth. As reported by the parishioners, the priest fifteen years of service were in sight. The village is small and is particularly not going anywhere. Father Nicholas after the service was always going home, but if left where, only with family. “Father Nicholas, I know about 20 years as a man very meek and tolerant for all of us sinful people – even in the summer, told channel Constantinople one of the residents Morozov, For every person he finds kind words, gives tips for overcoming the current situations. He is very humble and always comes to the rescue – it’s true. So, Yes, people in morozovo respond to the incident very rapidly, with indignation. And most importantly, those terrible, vile and nasty accusations that sound in his direction, perceived as absurd and a complete lie.” None of the broadcasters interviewed residents of the village have not found bad words about my father. All converge to the idea that it is either a misunderstanding. Either some kind of provocation, or the priest, if we were detained with women of easy virtue, just wanted to save their lost souls… still hoping that this Wraith will vanish and justified Nikolay Kireev will return to his parish. Not dispelled.

During the trial it became known that father Nicholas was detained not in the den, and at the bus station. The priest just sat in the bus to go to St. Petersburg. With him on the bus and sat two Belarusian — 20 and 30 years old, whom he allegedly recruited to work in St. Petersburg. Why the investigators decided that the father was taking the girls to a brothel? What prevented the women, if they really were going to work in St. Petersburg at the oldest profession, to get there themselves? The hearing was closed, journalists were not allowed there. According to leaked information from the lobbies of the Belarusian media, however, it became known that the priest “were” since the spring. Allegedly, the man from April to August 2017 corresponded on the Internet with two Belarusian women, persuading them to engage in prostitution in St. Petersburg. When boarding the bus Vitebsk — Saint Petersburg, he was arrested. Investigators have provided a video that captures the moment of detention. The footage shows how the priest throw up their hands and start to ask questions:

– Why in Vitebsk came?

– To friends.

– What?!

– To friends.

– Who was going to leave?!

The man hesitates, stutters.

– Was Going To… Girls…

– The truth! – attacking people in plain clothes.

– Asked… To… Them…

– What asked?! The truth!

Acquaintances asked that I brought them!


– In Petersburg…


I can’t say.

– Why?!

I don’t know!

The main argument in favor of the prosecution: the priest was in Vitebsk, instead of having to make a pilgrimage to the suburbs. What was he to do in the Belarusian city? As it turned out, in Vitebsk, the lives of relatives of the family of priests. And Nikolai Kireev with his family periodically visited here on vacation. Defenders of the priest from the village suggest that he, indeed, could be a call from relatives from Vitebsk with a request to help someone to accompany. But who and why, he could not know. In this connection it is interesting to know if it’s found and brought to responsibility these friends from Vitebsk, which was referred to the priest? And again the question arises: what property are going to confiscate a Russian citizen Belarusian judges? The robe and the suitcase with which he arrived in Vitebsk? Or Belarusian court is going to evict the family of a priest from their apartment in the village of morozovo in Leningrad region. After the trial, the issues become even greater than it was before.

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