The stylist appreciated the new image Dzhigurda became blond and painted eyebrows

Nikita Dzhigurda got a makeover. According to his entourage, the actor always looks perfect – keep yourself in good physical shape, dressed in rock style, but the hair left much to be desired. Gray long hair adds age and looked unkempt, so the actor was forced to gather them into a bundle. Now, according to friends Dzhigurda, he is noticeably younger and fresher.

“MK” contacted the stylist who expressed his opinion about the new image of Nikita Dzhigurda.

– Say, when a person radically changes the hair color, you should have seen significant changes in my life, says the Barber, Elena Zholobova. – In the photo you can see that Nikita is still tinted eyebrows. Likely eyebrows he restorefile yourself. It is unlikely that the stylist will draw a clear line of eyebrows. The fact that men are painted, nothing strange and even more shameful about it. They also want to look brighter as the women. For example, Nikolai Baskov often emphasizes their eyebrows when they appeared on the scene, so he puts on the face tone and blush. Philip uses liquid eyeliner – it always visible on the eyelids clear arrow. So in this respect, the chair did not become a discoverer. As for new hairstyles Nikita is a nightmare. Hands should tear the hairdresser who did it to him. Of course, natural blond from Dzhigurda did not happen. And, apparently, it was painted in a cheap salon, no sane master would not let go of a client like this. Nikita has a lot of gray hair. To achieve a normal hair color, they must first be decolorized. What did the stylist. But the work to finish impossible. Professional had toned Dzhigurda yellowness to get the natural color. I would advise the actor is urgent to get rid of this chicken color and painted in dark ash color. In this case, it will look more strictly, but clearly not funny.

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