The Supreme court suggested that to be considered petty theft fraud

An ordinary thief is suggested to be the Supreme court who stole the money from someone else’s Bank card through the selection or administration of a known pin or using the “mobile Bank”. Such cases from now on will not qualify as “fraud” and “theft”.


As reported by “MK” in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, Plenum of the Supreme court has developed the draft resolution “On court practice on Affairs about swindle, assignment and waste”. The document takes into account all the realities of the new time, which were not spelled out in the Criminal code.

One of the main innovations: embezzlement, misappropriation and fraud amounting to 2.5 thousand rubles is classified as petty theft and punished with imprisonment up to a maximum of one year. But those who in the transaction is silent about the important details, can on the contrary, to recognize scams and they face a much more solid term — till five years.

Still the fraud using fake websites, emails or online stores considered “computer” (article 159.6 of the criminal code). Now it translate into the category of “simple”. But those dealers who pulled off the housing Scam, depriving someone of the only apartment, the courts will be judged more strictly these crooks will give up to 10 years in prison. It does not matter whether the apartment is municipal or private, purchased or inherited. No matter where the victim is only part of the apartment, the only thing is his house or not.

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