The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva deprived of housing

The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva was at the center of a property scandal. After the death of the actor Irina Zybina has twice been married. One of the former spouses was a citizen of America. This marriage ended pretty soon. Irina returned to Moscow, where he met a new love. With businessman Alexander by Blagonravova woman lived for almost 15 years. But this marriage is also not happy call: and was assault by a spouse, and infidelity — as repeatedly mentioned in the mass media. In the winter of this year the man died. And when it was time to join the legacy, on the horizon, a son of the deceased from his first marriage, which a court requires half of the state.

Itself Irina believes stepson unworthy heir. Argues that in the most difficult times this man had with the father. We contacted the lawyer Zybina, which outlined the difficult situation.

To fight for their rights Irina Zybina intends not only in court but also through the media. Recently, the actress declared intention to hold a press conference where Zybina “ready to make a sensational statement, which play not the last role in the estate. Representatives Zybina has described the essence of the conflict: “Literally a month ago showed up son Blagonravova, who threatens to leave the honored artist of Russia, on the street. The young man carefully prepared, and found the whole list of the property that was purchased and decorated by Irina Zybina for the period 2002-2017., arguing that it combines purchased during the marriage. Currently, he prepared and filed a lawsuit. Moreover, in the statement of claim the son of the late claims that he only entered into the inheritance of the legitimate heir, and demands of half of all acquired Irina Zybina property.”

— Marriage with Blagonravova and Zybina was signed in 2002. In February 2017, Alexander died after a serious illness. It should be noted that in this marriage, the main earner was Irina. She worked day and night. She bought an apartment in Moscow, in Tverskoy district. Means the actress was rescued from the sale of the previous property, which she inherited from her marriage with Evgeny Evstigneev.

— The husband did not work?

— He went bankrupt very quickly got into debt, got loans that could not pay.

— How many apartments have been Irina?

In legacy contains five of immovable property — three flats, land and house. All the property was issued on Irina for the very reason that the property was bought at its facilities.

— It is so good earn?

Yeah, she’s a busy actress, removed a lot, teaches.

— In one apartment Irina lives. What about the others?

— The other two apartments she rents. We are not talking about some luxurious mansion. This small apartment of 40 square meters. Irina with the husband was not the oligarchs. And giving that Zybina acquired in marriage with Evstigneev in 1996, is not on the ruble. We will fight to exclude from the list of the inheritance that is the cottage and apartment in the district of Tver. At the end of the stepson may only claim a small share of the remaining assets, but not by half as he thinks. So Alexander, in fact, is niggling.

— The deceased still have heirs?

— Officially, he had four heirs: wife Irina, his father, a native son who is the plaintiff, and they adopted a son Zybina.

Alexander often spoke with the father?

— He began to communicate with his father, when he knew that he was seriously ill and soon dies. And later Alexander asked the notary, said that the claim to half of everything. In my hands — a copy of his statement of claim, which stipulates that he allegedly is the sole heir. It’s not true. And the most important point — the spouse Irina had serious problems with alcohol during this period of time, he scored a lot of debt, including Bank loans. And all these debts still to repay Irina. The son of her late husband withdrew.

— If all assets recorded on the Zybina, which then belonged to Blagonravov?

Nothing. We know only of registered credits on it. Their property had not been.

— That should move according to the law this man?

All marital property is divided in two parts, half of which departs Irina. The second half is divided among the four heirs: Zybina, plaintiff Alexander, father of the deceased, and a foster son.

— Can the claimant had nowhere to live, so he wants to take possession of the property?

— Somewhere he’s lived before this time. I think the problems with the housing. But apparently there is a problem with finances, which he tries to resolve in this way.

— According to rumors, Alexander wanted to divorce, but Irina didn’t give a divorce?

If he wanted a divorce, it would not be a problem. It was enough to apply, and within a month they were bred. So all this is speculation.

Meanwhile in the press there was information that near Blagonravova was the new fiancee, which is almost around the clock and took care of a loved one in the hospital. Former colleagues of the deceased expressed that she Zybina almost never came to visit her husband in the hospital, and when the son Blagonravova turned to her for financial assistance, which was required for treatment of the father, she refused.

In favor of whom resolved scandalous situation, time will tell.

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