“You are young and beautiful” driver “Magnitogorsk” has justified before the dawn

All 12 jurors unanimously acquitted the driver of “Magnitogorsk” Shota, Elizbarashvili. The verdict of the jury was announced at 4.48 am at the Moscow regional court. Instead to hurry home, they decided to stick around to see how to release from custody the shot. The Prosecutor could not resist, so poernichat, throwing shots address the phrase in the spirit, you are acquitted because you’re young and beautiful.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Spent two years in Moscow SIZO No. 5 driver Krasnogorsk arrow Amiran Giorgadze, who shot officials Krasnogorsk district administration — Shota Elizbarashvili. We will remind, drama 20 Oct 2015. Armed men came to the administration building, shot the Deputy head of the Krasnogorsk area of Yury Karaulova and Director of local circuits, George Kotlyarenko, hiding, killed, accidental witness, the security guard “MK” Constantine Smyslov, and in my house dealt with business partner Tristan Zakaidze. Shortly after that, Giorgadze was found dead with a gunshot wound in one of the cottages.

Elizbarashvili was detained in hot pursuit, and many doubted: since the main suspects committed suicide, the investigation simply was forced to look for “scapegoats”, and Shota for his role as the time approached. But being a driver is one thing, but an accomplice in the murders is completely different. Shota though from an educated Georgian prison, but shy and modest. Especially a lot to say in his defense, he couldn’t, he just repeated that he had not been able to stop craving. Because I didn’t understand what was going on. The consequence insisted that Shota knew that the bag which he carried in the administration building, weapons, and generally helped Giorgadze. And the facts kotoyre said the opposite. Silent. Meanwhile, the strange thing is enough. Take the fact that surveillance cameras in the building of the Krasnogorsk administration by chance was not working during visit Giorgadze. Or that immediately after the tragedy, officers carried out bags of money and were in no hurry to call the police.

The jury sat all night, – says lawyer Svetlana Voronkova. In the end, everyone unanimously found him not guilty. From the courtroom we went out at dawn. The judge suggested to quickly go home to sleep. But they refused with the words: “I Want to see him released.” The shots were numerous relatives, they all applauded. Cried tears of joy. Now the shots went home. Friday morning will still be sentenced based on the jury’s verdict, but it’s a formality: everything is already behind us.

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